Taggloo takes all due care for users' privacy as part of the site's operation and management. Creating an interactive and rich site necessarily requires collection and processing of limited user data, though this is either anonymised or subject to explicit user agreement of the site's Terms of use.

User logins

In order to leverage the expertise of the community, the site provides the opportunity for users to submit information and feedback. In order to facilitate this, we need to create user-accounts. We've worked hard to minimise the amount of data we need to ask users to provide. As part of this, we've also implemented authentication using providers such as Facebook so users don't provide us with their passwords. The only information we require is:

  • Username
  • Password (internal accounts only)
  • Email address

Additionally, users may also provide the following items of data:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Bio summary
  • Twitter handle
  • Web-page address

Usage data

Making sure that a web-site is continuing to prove useful to users can be difficult. To help achieve this, we collect usage statistics that help us improve the site by:

  • identifying what users are searching for
  • identifying how users are searching
  • identifying what devices and browsers users are using

The data we collect is anonymous and cannot be used to determine the actual user. We collect the following data:

  • your IP address (to monitor potential abuses of the service)
  • your browser/device
  • your search term
  • the date/time of your request
  • the result of your request, including number of results and time taken
  • whether the request was performed via the site, or via an automated mechanism such as the API or RSS

In providing the site functionality and obtaining this analytical data, we may employ cookies to identify your use across pages and sessions. The use of the site is subject to this use of cookies and implies you granting permission.

Use of external services

The Taggloo site makes extensive use of other providers' services to provide a rich and modern user experience and to provide the social aggregation functionality of the service.

We currently use the following external providers:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Taggloo's use of data within any of these external providers for means of content, authentication or otherwise is subject to the agreement between Taggloo and the provider and the agreement between the user and the service. Therefore, if you are concerned about data that is surfaced on this site from any of the external providers, you should consult the external service's terms.

How we use you data

We use your data for the purposes of providing a rich and interactive service for other users and to help improve the user experience of the site.

We may display what you are searching for to other users, though this is not identifiable to any user.

We may monitor your usage of the site to understand how we can improve the site. This data is intended to be anonymised, though we cannot guarantee anonymisation through inference.

We will never share your data with another site, user or service without your permission.