The Bible


Eisht hug eh lesh mee gys y chooyrt sodjey-magh, lesh y twoaie, as hug eh lesh mee stiagh ayns y chamyr va jeeragh er yn chlose er-lheh, as shen va er eddin yn vuildal my-hwoaie.

Then he brought me forth into the utter court, the way toward the north: and he brought me into the chamber that was over against the separate place, and which was before the building toward the north.


Roish y dorrys-twoaie va lhiurid keead cubit, as va'n lheead jeih cubityn as da-eed.

Before the length of an hundred cubits was the north door, and the breadth was fifty cubits.


jeeragh er ny feed cubityn va son y chooyrt sodjey-stiagh, as jeeragh er y phavement, va son y chooyrt sodjey-magh, va galleree noi galleree ayns three loutyn.

Over against the twenty cubits which were for the inner court, and over against the pavement which was for the utter court, was gallery against gallery in three stories.


As jeeragh er ny shamyryn, va walk jeih cubityn er lheead er cheu-sthie, as keead cubit ayns lhiurid, as ny giattyn lesh y twoaie.

And before the chambers was a walk to ten cubits breadth inward, a way of one cubit; and their doors toward the north.


Nish va ny shamyryn syrjey ny s'cooney: son va ny gallereeyn ny syrjey na ad shoh, na'n chamyr s'injil ny meanagh yn vuildal.

Now the upper chambers were shorter: for the galleries were higher than these, than the lower, and than the middlemost of the building.


Son v'ad ayns three loutyn, agh cha row pillaryn foue, myr pillaryn ny cooyrtyn: shen-y-fa va'n buildal goit stiagh ny smoo na va'n ayrn s'inshley as y mean, veih'n thalloo.

For they were in three stories, but had not pillars as the pillars of the courts: therefore the building was straitened more than the lowest and the middlemost from the ground.


As y voalley va er cheu-mooie jeeragh er ny shamyryn, lesh yn chooyrt sodjey magh roish ny shamyryn, va'n lhiurid echey jeih cubityn as da-eed.

And the wall that was without over against the chambers, toward the utter court on the forepart of the chambers, the length thereof was fifty cubits.


Son va lhiurid ny shamyryn v'ayns y chooyrt sodjey-magh jeih cubityn as daeed: as cur-my-ner kiongoyrt rish y chiamble va keead cubit.

For the length of the chambers that were in the utter court was fifty cubits: and, lo, before the temple were an hundred cubits.


As veih fo ny shamyryn shoh va'n entree er cheu-har, myr ta fer goll stiagh ayndoo veih'n chooyrt sodjey-magh.

And from under these chambers was the entry on the east side, as one goeth into them from the utter court.


Va ny shamyryn ayns cheeid voalley ny cooyrtey gys y niar, jeeragh er y trass chooyrt, as jeeragh er y vuildal.

The chambers were in the thickness of the wall of the court toward the east, over against the separate place, and over against the building.


As va'n raad kiongoyrt roo, goll-rish raad ny shamyryn, ta gys y twoaie, co-liauyr roosyn, as co-lhean roo, as v'ad er dy chooilley aght goll ry-cheilley, rere nyn gummey, as rere nyn ghorryssyn.

And the way before them was like the appearance of the chambers which were toward the north, as long as they, and as broad as they: and all their goings out were both according to their fashions, and according to their doors.


As gansoor gys dorryssyn ny shamyryn ta gys y jiass, va dorrys ayns kione y raad, eer y raad kiart roish y voalley lesh y niar, myr ta fer goll stiagh orroo.

And according to the doors of the chambers that were toward the south was a door in the head of the way, even the way directly before the wall toward the east, as one entereth into them.


Eisht dooyrt eh rhym, Ny shamyryn twoaie, as ny shamyryn jiass shen, ta jeeragh er y trass chooyrt, t'ad shamyryn casherick, ayndoo shen nee ny saggyrtyn, ta cheet er-gerrey da'n Chiarn, gee ny reddyn smoo casherick: ayns shen ver ad dy lhiattee ny reddyn smoo casherick, as yn oural arran, as yn oural-peccah, as yn oural-loght; son ta'n ynnyd casherick.

Then said he unto me, The north chambers and the south chambers, which are before the separate place, they be holy chambers, where the priests that approach unto the Lord shall eat the most holy things: there shall they lay the most holy things, and the meat offering, and the sin offering, and the trespass offering; for the place is holy.


Tra ta ny saggyrtyn goll stiagh ayndoo, eisht cha jed ad magh ass yn ynnyd-casherick trooid y chooyrt cadjin; agh ayns shen faagee ad nyn goamraghyn-Erin, ayndoo t'ad shirveish; son t'ad casherick: as ver ad coamraghyn elley orroo, as eisht tayrn er-gerrey myrchaagh mastey yn pobble.

When the priests enter therein, then shall they not go out of the holy place into the utter court, but there they shall lay their garments wherein they minister; for they are holy; and shall put on other garments, and shall approach to those things which are for the people.


Nish tra v'eh er n'yannoo jerrey er towse y slane chiamble cheu-sthie, hug eh lesh magh mee gys y yiat ta jeeaghyn lesh y niar, as howse eh shen ooilley mygeayrt.

Now when he had made an end of measuring the inner house, he brought me forth toward the gate whose prospect is toward the east, and measured it round about.


Howse eh yn cheu-har lesh y chron-towshan, queig cheead cron lesh y chron-towshan ooilley mygeayrt.

He measured the east side with the measuring reed, five hundred reeds, with the measuring reed round about.


Howse eh yn cheu-twoaie, queig cheead cron, lesh y chron-towshan ooilley mygeayrt.

He measured the north side, five hundred reeds, with the measuring reed round about.


Howse eh yn cheu-jiass queig cheead cron, lesh y chron-towshan.

He measured the south side, five hundred reeds, with the measuring reed.


Hyndaa eh mygeayrt gys y cheu-heear, as howse eh queig cheead cron lesh y chron-towshan.

He turned about to the west side, and measured five hundred reeds with the measuring reed.


Howse eh shen rish ny kiare lhiatteeyn: va'n voalley echey slane mygeayrt, queig cheead cron er lhiurid, as queig cheead er lheead, son cagliagh eddyr yn ynnyd casherick as yn ynnyd cadjin.

He measured it by the four sides: it had a wall round about, five hundred reeds long, and five hundred broad, to make a separation between the sanctuary and the profane place.