The Bible


Eisht haink er-gerrey ooilley ny captanyn-caggee, as Johanan mac Chareah as Jezaniah mac Hoshaiah, as ooilley yn pobble, ard as injil,

Then all the captains of the forces, and Johanan the son of Kareah, and Jezaniah the son of Hoshaiah, and all the people from the least even unto the greatest, came near,


As dooyrt ad rish Jeremiah yn phadeyr, Cur clashtyn foayroil, ta shin guee ort, da nyn aghin, as gow padjer er nyn son gys y Chiarn dty Yee, eer son whilleen j'in as ta er-mayrn; (son ta shin faagit beggan jeh ymmodee, myr ta dty hooillyn hene fakin shin;)

And said unto Jeremiah the prophet, Let, we beseech thee, our supplication be accepted before thee, and pray for us unto the Lord thy God, even for all this remnant; (for we are left but a few of many, as thine eyes do behold us:)


Dy vod y Chiarn dty Yee jeeaghyn dooin yn raad ta shin dy ghoaill, as cre t'orrin dy yannoo.

That the Lord thy God may shew us the way wherein we may walk, and the thing that we may do.


Eisht dooyrt Jeremiah yn phadeyr roo, Ta mee er chlashtyn shiu: cur-my-ner goyms padjer gys y Chiarn nyn Yee cordail rish nyn yeearree; as hig eh gy-kione, cre erbee yn ansoor ver y Chiarn my-nyn-gione, soilshee-yms diu eh; cha jean-yms nhee erbee y cheiltyn veue.

Then Jeremiah the prophet said unto them, I have heard you; behold, I will pray unto the Lord your God according to your words; and it shall come to pass, that whatsoever thing the Lord shall answer you, I will declare it unto you; I will keep nothing back from you.


Eisht dooyrt ad rish Jeremiah, Dy row yn Chiarn feanish ynrick as firrinagh eddyr shin, mannagh jean mayd dy feer cooilleeney dy chooilley nhee ver y Chiarn dty Yee orrin dy yannoo, cordail rish dty ghoo.

Then they said to Jeremiah, The Lord be a true and faithful witness between us, if we do not even according to all things for the which the Lord thy God shall send thee to us.


Edyr eh ve mie ny sie ver mayd biallys da coraa yn Chiarn nyn Yee, huggey ta shin dy dty choyrt; dy vod eh ve mie mârin, tra ta shin biallagh da coraa yn Chiarn y Jee ain.

Whether it be good, or whether it be evil, we will obey the voice of the Lord our God, to whom we send thee; that it may be well with us, when we obey the voice of the Lord our God.


As haink eh gy-kione lurg jeih laa, dy daink goo yn Chiarn gys Jeremiah.

And it came to pass after ten days, that the word of the Lord came unto Jeremiah.


Eisht deïe eh er Johanan mac Chareah, as ooilley ny captanyn-caggee va mârish, as ooilley yn pobble, ard as injil,

Then called he Johanan the son of Kareah, and all the captains of the forces which were with him, and all the people from the least even to the greatest,


As dooyrt eh roo, Shoh ta'n Chiarn Jee Israel dy ghra, huggey ren shiu m'y choyrt dy hebbal nyn aghin kiongoyrt rish

And said unto them, Thus saith the Lord, the God of Israel, unto whom ye sent me to present your supplication before him;


My uirrys shiu 'sy cheer shoh, eisht nee'm shiu y hroggal, as cha nee y lhieggal; as nee'm shiu y hoiaghey, as cha nee y astyrt: son s'mooar lhiam yn olk ta mee hannah er choyrt erriu.

If ye will still abide in this land, then will I build you, and not pull you down, and I will plant you, and not pluck you up: for I repent me of the evil that I have done unto you.


Ny bee aggle erriu roish ree Vabylon; ny gow-jee aggle roish, ta'n Chiarn dy ghra: son ta mee mêriu dy hauail shiu, as dy livrey shiu veih e laue.

Be not afraid of the king of Babylon, of whom ye are afraid; be not afraid of him, saith the Lord: for I am with you to save you, and to deliver you from his hand.


As beem's myghinagh diu dy vod eshyn ve chymmoil diu, dy choyrt shiu reesht gys nyn jeer hene.

And I will shew mercies unto you, that he may have mercy upon you, and cause you to return to your own land.


Agh my jir shiu, Cha nuirree mayd 'sy cheer shoh, as nagh der shiu biallys da coraa yn Chiarn y Jee eu,

But if ye say, We will not dwell in this land, neither obey the voice of the Lord your God,


Gra, Cha jean; agh hem mayd gys cheer Egypt, raad nagh vaik mayd caggey, as nagh glinn mayd sheean y trumpet, as nagh bee genney arran, as shen y raad nee mayd baghey:

Saying, No; but we will go into the land of Egypt, where we shall see no war, nor hear the sound of the trumpet, nor have hunger of bread; and there will we dwell:


As nish er-y-fa shen, eaisht-jee rish goo yn Chiarn, shiuish fooilliagh Yudah; Myr shoh ta Chiarn ny flaunyssee, Jee Israel, dy ghra, My ta shiu dy jarroo kiarit dy hoiaghey nyn eddin son goll sheese gys Egypt, as dy vaghey ayns shen;

And now therefore hear the word of the Lord, ye remnant of Judah; Thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel; If ye wholly set your faces to enter into Egypt, and go to sojourn there;


Eisht hig eh gy-kione, yn cliwe ta shiu ayns aggle roish, dy berree eh erriu ayns cheer Egypt, as y ghortey, nyn atchim, eiyrys chion erriu gys Egypt; as shen y raad hed shiu mow.

Then it shall come to pass, that the sword, which ye feared, shall overtake you there in the land of Egypt, and the famine, whereof ye were afraid, shall follow close after you there in Egypt; and there ye shall die.


Shoh vees yn cronney ocsyn ooilley soie-ys nyn eddin dy gholl gys Egypt, dy chummal ayns shen; yiow ad baase liorish y chliwe, yn ghortey, as y chramp: as cha bee fer jeu faagit, ny shaghney yn olk ver-yms orroo,

So shall it be with all the men that set their faces to go into Egypt to sojourn there; they shall die by the sword, by the famine, and by the pestilence: and none of them shall remain or escape from the evil that I will bring upon them.


Son myr shoh ta Chiarn ny flaunyssee, Jee Israel, dy ghra, Myr va my yymmoose as my eulys deayrtit magh er cummaltee Yerusalem; myr shen vees my eulys er ny gheayrtey magh erriuish, tra hed shiu gys Egypt: as bee shiu son ard-vollaght, as son atchim, as son mollaght-mynney, as son oltooan, as cha vaik shiu yn ynnyd shoh arragh.

For thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel; As mine anger and my fury hath been poured forth upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem; so shall my fury be poured forth upon you, when ye shall enter into Egypt: and ye shall be an execration, and an astonishment, and a curse, and a reproach; and ye shall see this place no more.


Ta'n Chiarn er ghra my nyn-gione, O shiuish yeelym Yudah, Ny gow-jee gys Egypt: gow-jee tastey vie dy vel mish er y laa shoh er choyrt yn raaue shoh diu.

The Lord hath said concerning you, O ye remnant of Judah; Go ye not into Egypt: know certainly that I have admonished you this day.


Son ren shiu molteyrys ayns nyn gree, tra hug shiu mish gys y Chiarn yn Jee eu, gra, Gow padjer er nyn son gys y Chiarn nyn Yee, as rere myr jir y Chiarn nyn Yee, insh dooin, as nee mayd eh.

For ye dissembled in your hearts, when ye sent me unto the Lord your God, saying, Pray for us unto the Lord our God; and according unto all that the Lord our God shall say, so declare unto us, and we will do it.


As nish ta mee er n'insh diu, cha vel shiu er choyrt geill da coraa yn Chiarn nyn Yee ayns nhee erbee, rere bree my haghteraght.

And now I have this day declared it to you; but ye have not obeyed the voice of the Lord your God, nor any thing for the which he hath sent me unto you.


Nish er-y-fa shen, toig-jee son shickyrys, dy vow shiu baase liorish y chliwe, yn ghortey, as y chramp, 'sy voayl raad ta shiu shirrey dy gholl, as dy vaghey.

Now therefore know certainly that ye shall die by the sword, by the famine, and by the pestilence, in the place whither ye desire to go and to sojourn.