The Bible


Ayns toshiaght reill Yehoiakim, mac Yosiah ree Yudah, haink y goo shoh veih'n Chiarn, gra,

In the beginning of the reign of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah king of Judah came this word from the Lord, saying,


Myr shoh ta'n Chiarn dy ghra, Shass ayns cooyrt thie yn Chiarn, as loayr rish ooilley ard-valjyn Yudah, ta cheet dy ooashlaghey ayns thie yn Chiarn, ooilley ny goan, ta mee coyrt er dty churrym dy loayrt roo; ny lhig sheese fockle jeh:

Thus saith the Lord; Stand in the court of the Lord's house, and speak unto all the cities of Judah, which come to worship in the Lord's house, all the words that I command thee to speak unto them; diminish not a word:


My she shen dy jean ad geaishtagh, as dy chooilley ghooinney chyndaa veih e ghrogh-raad, dy voddyms myrgeddin chyndaa ersooyl yn olk ta mee kiarail nyn gour son ooilley nyn ghrogh-yannoo.

If so be they will hearken, and turn every man from his evil way, that I may repent me of the evil, which I purpose to do unto them because of the evil of their doings.


As jir uss roo, Myr shoh ta'n Chiarn dy ghra, Mannagh n'eaisht shiuish rhym's, dy immeeaght ayns my leigh's ta mee er hoiaghey reue

And thou shalt say unto them, Thus saith the Lord; If ye will not hearken to me, to walk in my law, which I have set before you,


Dy eaishtagh rish goan my harvaantyn ny phadeyryn, ta mee er choyrt er-chaghteraght hiu, girree dy moghey, as cur magh ad; (agh cha vel shiuish er n'eaishtagh;)

To hearken to the words of my servants the prophets, whom I sent unto you, both rising up early, and sending them, but ye have not hearkened;


Eisht neem's y thie shoh y yannoo myr Shiloh, as yn ard-valley shoh ny vollaght da ooilley ashoonyn yn ooir.

Then will I make this house like Shiloh, and will make this city a curse to all the nations of the earth.


As cheayll ny saggyrtyn, as ny phadeyryn, as ooilley'n pobble, Jeremiah loayrt n, goan shoh ayns thie yn Chiarn.

So the priests and the prophets and all the people heard Jeremiah speaking these words in the house of the Lord.


Nish haink eh gy-kione, erreish da Jeremiah v'er loayrt ooilley ny va'n Chiarn er n'oardaghey da dy loayrt rish ooilley'n pobble, dy ren ny saggyrtyn, as ny phadeyryn, as ooilley'n pobble, eh y ghreimmey, gra, Bee oo son shickyrys er dty choyrt gy-baase.

Now it came to pass, when Jeremiah had made an end of speaking all that the Lord had commanded him to speak unto all the people, that the priests and the prophets and all the people took him, saying, Thou shalt surely die.


Cre'n-fa t'ou er n'yannoo phadeyrys ayns ennym y Chiarn, gra, Bee'n thie shoh myr Shiloh, as bee'n ard-valley shoh follym-faase fegooish cummaltagh? As va ooilley'n pobble er nyn jaglym noi Jeremiah ayns thie yn Chiarn.

Why hast thou prophesied in the name of the Lord, saying, This house shall be like Shiloh, and this city shall be desolate without an inhabitant? And all the people were gathered against Jeremiah in the house of the Lord.


Tra cheayll princeyn Yudah ny reddyn shoh, eisht haink ad seose veih thie yn ree gys thie yn Chiarn, as hoie ad sheese liorish giat noa thie yn Chiarn.

When the princes of Judah heard these things, then they came up from the king's house unto the house of the Lord, and sat down in the entry of the new gate of the Lord's house.


Eisht loayr ny saggyrtyn as ny phadeyryn rish ny princeyn, as rish ooilley'n pobble, gra, Ta'n dooinney shoh toilliu baase; son t'eh er n'yannoo phadeyrys noi'n ard-valley shoh, myr ta shiu er chlashtyn lesh nyn gleayshyn.

Then spake the priests and the prophets unto the princes and to all the people, saying, This man is worthy to die; for he hath prophesied against this city, as ye have heard with your ears.


Eisht loayr Jeremiah rish ooilley ny princeyn, as rish ooilley'n pobble, gra, Hug y Chiarn mee dy adeyrys noi'n thie shoh, as noi'n ard-valley shoh, ooilley ny goan ta shiu er chlashtyn.

Then spake Jeremiah unto all the princes and to all the people, saying, The Lord sent me to prophesy against this house and against this city all the words that ye have heard.


Shen-y-fa nish jean-jee nyn raaidyn as nyn ymmyrkey-bea y lhiasaghey, as bee-jee biallagh da coraa yn Chiarn yn Jee eu; as nee yn Chiarn yn briwnys y chaghlaa, t'eh er n'ockley-magh nyn'oï.

Therefore now amend your ways and your doings, and obey the voice of the Lord your God; and the Lord will repent him of the evil that he hath pronounced against you.


Er my hon's, cur-my-ner, ta mee ayns nyn laueyn; jean-jee rhym myr hee shiu mie as cooie.

As for me, behold, I am in your hand: do with me as seemeth good and meet unto you.


Agh toig-jee son shickyrys, my ver shiu mee dy baase, ver shiu lhieu son shickyrys fuill neu-chyndagh erriu hene, as er yn ard valley shoh, as er ny cummaltee eck: son dy firrinagh-focklagh hug y Chiarn mish magh hiu, dy loayrt ooilley ny goan shoh ayns nyn glashtyn.

But know ye for certain, that if ye put me to death, ye shall surely bring innocent blood upon yourselves, and upon this city, and upon the inhabitants thereof: for of a truth the Lord hath sent me unto you to speak all these words in your ears.


Eisht dooyrt ny princeyn as ooilley'n pobble rish ny saggyrtyn, as rish ny phadeyryn, Cha vel y dooinney shoh toilchin baase; son t'eh er loayrt rooin ayns ennym y Chiarn nyn Yee.

Then said the princes and all the people unto the priests and to the prophets; This man is not worthy to die: for he hath spoken to us in the name of the Lord our God.


Eisht hass seose shiartanse jeh shanstyr y cheer, as loayr ad rish slane sheshaght yn phobble, gra,

Then rose up certain of the elders of the land, and spake to all the assembly of the people, saying,


Ren Micah yn Morasthite phadeyrys rish lhing Hezekiah ree Yudah, as loayr eh rish ooilley pobble Yudah, gra, Myr shoh ta Chiarn ny sheshaghtyn flaunyssagh dy ghra, Bee Zion traauit myr magher, as bee Jerusalem jeant ny holtanyn, as yrjid y thie myr ardjyn ny keylley.

Micah the Morasthite prophesied in the days of Hezekiah king of Judah, and spake to all the people of Judah, saying, Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Zion shall be plowed like a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of a forest.


Dug Hezekiah ree Yudah as ooilley Judah eshyn gy-baase? nagh ren eh aggle y ghoaill roish y Chiarn, as guee gys y Chiarn, as ren y Chiarn yn vriwnys y hyndaa v'eh er n'ockley-magh nyn'oï? Myr shoh oddagh shinyn v'er dayrn briwnys trome er ny anmeenyn ain hene.

Did Hezekiah king of Judah and all Judah put him at all to death? did he not fear the Lord, and besought the Lord, and the Lord repented him of the evil which he had pronounced against them? Thus might we procure great evil against our souls.


As va dooinney myrgeddin ren phadeyrys ayns ennym y Chiarn, Urijah mac Shemaiah veih Kirjath-jearim, ren phadeyrys noi yn ard-valley shoh, as noi yn cheer shoh, casley rish ooilley goan Yeremiah:

And there was also a man that prophesied in the name of the Lord, Urijah the son of Shemaiah of Kirjathjearim, who prophesied against this city and against this land according to all the words of Jeremiah.


As tra cheayll Jehoiakim y ree, as ooilley e ard-gheiney, as ooilley ny princeyn, ny goan echey, va'n ree kiarit dy choyrt gy-baase eh; agh tra cheayll Urijah shoh, va aggle er, as chossyn eh roish, as hie eh sheese gys Egypt:

And when Jehoiakim the king, with all his mighty men, and all the princes, heard his words, the king sought to put him to death: but when Urijah heard it, he was afraid, and fled, and went into Egypt;


As hug Jehoiakim y ree deiney gys Egypt, eer Elnathan mac Achbor, as shiartanse elley mârish gys Egypt:

And Jehoiakim the king sent men into Egypt, namely, Elnathan the son of Achbor, and certain men with him into Egypt.


As hug ad lhieu Urijah veih Egypt; as livrey ad eh gys laue y ree, hug er dy ve er ny varroo lesh y chliwe, as e chorp marroo dy ve er ny oanluckey ayns oaiaghyn ny kimmee.

And they fetched forth Urijah out of Egypt, and brought him unto Jehoiakim the king; who slew him with the sword, and cast his dead body into the graves of the common people.


Ny-yeih, va laue Ahikam mac Shaphan marish Jeremiah, nagh row eh er ny livrey seose gys laueyn y phobble dy choyrt eh dy baase.

Nevertheless the hand of Ahikam the son of Shaphan was with Jeremiah, that they should not give him into the hand of the people to put him to death.