The Bible


As yeeagh y Chiarn dou, as cur-my-ner, va daa vaskad dy figgyn nyn lhie roish chiamble y Chiarn, lurg da Nebuchadrezzar ree Vabylon v'er chur lesh ersooyl ayns cappeeys Jeconiah mac Yehoiakim ree Yudah, as princeyn Yudah, marish ny seyir as ny gaauenyn, veih Jerusalem, as er choyrt lesh ad gys Babylon.

The Lord shewed me, and, behold, two baskets of figs were set before the temple of the Lord, after that Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon had carried away captive Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah, and the princes of Judah, with the carpenters and smiths, from Jerusalem, and had brought them to Babylon.


Va 'sy derrey vaskad figgyn feer vie, eer casley rish figgyn appee yn vess toshee; as va 'sy vaskad elley figgyn feer olk, nagh voddagh ve eeit, v'ad cha loau shen.

One basket had very good figs, even like the figs that are first ripe: and the other basket had very naughty figs, which could not be eaten, they were so bad.


Eisht dooyrt y Chiarn rhym, Cre t'ou fakin, Yeremiah? As dreggyr mee, Figgyn; ny figgyn mie, feer vie; as yn olk, feer olk, nagh vod ve eeit, t'ad cha olk shen.

Then said the Lord unto me, What seest thou, Jeremiah? And I said, Figs; the good figs, very good; and the evil, very evil, that cannot be eaten, they are so evil.


Reesht haink goo yn Chiarn hym, gra.

Again the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,


Myr shoh ta'n Chiarn, Jee Israel, dy ghra, Casley rish ny figgyn mie shoh, myr shen goym's roosyn dy Yudah ta er n'gholl ayns cappeeys; adsyn ta mee er choyrt magh ass yn ynnyd shoh gys cheer ny Caldeanee son foays daue.

Thus saith the Lord, the God of Israel; Like these good figs, so will I acknowledge them that are carried away captive of Judah, whom I have sent out of this place into the land of the Chaldeans for their good.


Son nee'm my hooillyn y hoiaghey orroo son mie, as ver-ym lhiam reesht ad gys y cheer shoh; as nee'm troggal seose ad, as cha jean-ym ad y lhieggal; as nee'm soiaghey ad, as cha jean-ym ad y astyrt ass ny fraueyn.

For I will set mine eyes upon them for good, and I will bring them again to this land: and I will build them, and not pull them down; and I will plant them, and not pluck them up.


As ver-ym daue cree dy chur enney orryms, dy nee mish y Chiarn; as bee adsyn y pobble aym's, as beem's yn Jee ocsyn: son nee ad chyndaa reesht hym's lesh nyn slane cree.

And I will give them an heart to know me, that I am the Lord: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God: for they shall return unto me with their whole heart.


As myr ny drogh figgyn, nagh vel son ee, t'ad cha olk shen; (son shickyrys myr shoh ta'n Chiarn dy ghra,) Myr shen livrey-yms Zedekiah ree Yudah, as e phrinceyn, as fooilliagh Yerusalem ta faagit 'sy cheer shoh, as adsyn ta cummal ayns cheer Egypt;

And as the evil figs, which cannot be eaten, they are so evil; surely thus saith the Lord, So will I give Zedekiah the king of Judah, and his princes, and the residue of Jerusalem, that remain in this land, and them that dwell in the land of Egypt:


As livrey-ym seose ad dy v'er nyn skeayley gys ooilley reeriaghtyn y thallooin, son nyn assee, dy ve son oltooan, as an-ghoo as flout, as mollaght, dy chooilley raad nee'm geiyrt ad.

And I will deliver them to be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth for their hurt, to be a reproach and a proverb, a taunt and a curse, in all places whither I shall drive them.


As ver-ym yn cliwe, yn ghortey, as y chramp, ny mast'oc, derrey vees kione orroo 'sy cheer hug mee dauesyn as da nyn ayraghyn.

And I will send the sword, the famine, and the pestilence, among them, till they be consumed from off the land that I gave unto them and to their fathers.