The Bible


O Gow-jee arrane noa gys y Chiarn: lhig da agglish ny nooghyn eshyn y voylley.

O sing unto the Lord a new song: let the congregation of saints praise him.


Lhig da Israel boggey 'ghoaill aynsyn ren eh y chroo: as lhig da cloan Sion 've gennal ayns nyn Ree.

Let Israel rejoice in him that made him: and let the children of Sion be joyful in their King.


Lhig daue moylley yn Ennym echey ayns y daunsin: lhig daue arraneyn moyllee 'ghoaill huggey lesh tabret as y chlaasagh;

Let them praise his Name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with tabret and harp.


Son ta taitnys ec y Chiarn ayns e phobble: as t'eh cooney lhieusyn ta jeh cree imlee.

For the Lord hath pleasure in his people: and helpeth the meek-hearted.


Lhig da ny nooghyn 've gennal dy gloyroil: lhig daue boggey ghoaill er nyn lhiabbaghyn.

Let the saints be joyful with glory: let them rejoice in their beds.


Lhig da arraneyn-moyllee Yee 've ayns nyn meeal: as cliwe dy ghaa-foyr ayns nyn laue;

Let the praises of God be in their mouth: and a two-edged sword in their hands;


Dy ghoaill cooilleeney er ny ashoonee: as dy cherraghey yn pobble;

To be avenged of the heathen: and to rebuke the people;


Dy chiangley ny reeaghyn oc ayns geulaghyn: as ny deiney ooasle oc lesh draghtyn yiarn;

To bind their kings in chains: and their nobles with links of iron.


Dy ghoaill cooilleeney orroo, myr te scruit: Lheid yn ooashley t'ec ooilley e nooghyn.

To execute judgement upon them, as it is written: Such honour have all his saints.