The Bible


O moylley jee yn Chiarn: son s'mie te dy ghoaill arraneyn-moyllee gys y Jee ain: dy jarroo, s'eunyssagh as gerjoilagh.

O praise the Lord, for it is a good thing to sing praises unto our God: yea, a joyful and pleasant thing it is to be thankful.


Ta'n Chiarn troggal seose Jerusalem: as chaglym cooidjagh kynneeyn skeaylt Israel.

The Lord doth build up Jerusalem: and gather together the out-casts of Israel.


T'eh dy lheihys adsyn ta brisht ayns cree: as coyrt medshin dy laanaghey ny doghanyn oc.

He healeth those that are broken in heart: and giveth medicine to heal their sickness.


T'eh coontey earroo ny rollageyn: as ta ennym echey er dagh unnane oc.

He telleth the number of the stars: and calleth them all by their names.


S'mooar ta'n Chiarn ainyn, as s'mooar ta e phooar: dy jarroo, ta e chreenaght erskyn earroo.

Great is our Lord, and great is his power: and his wisdom is infinite.


Ta'n Chiarn soiaghey seose yn vooinjer imlee: as coyrt sheese ny mee-chrauee kiart rish y thalloo.

The Lord setteth up the meek: and bringeth the ungodly down to the ground.


O gow-jee arraneyn-moyllee gys y Chiarn lesh toyrt-booise: gow-jee arraneyn-moyllee er y chlaasagh gys y Jee ain;

O sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving: sing praises upon the harp unto our God;


Ta coodaghey yn aer lesh bodjallyn, as jannoo aarloo yn fliaghey son y thalloo: ta coyrt er y faiyr dy aase er ny sleityn, as lossreeyn son ymmyd deiney;

Who covereth the heaven with clouds, and prepareth rain for the earth: and maketh the grass to grow upon the mountains, and herb for the use of men;


Ta coyrt foddyr da'n maase: as beaghey ny fee aegey ta geamagh huggey.

Who giveth fodder unto the cattle: and feedeth the young ravens that call upon him.


Cha vel eshyn soiaghey jeh troshid cabbyl: chamoo ta geill echey da cassyn y choshee bieau;

He hath no pleasure in the strength of an horse: neither delighteth he in any man's legs.


Agh ta taitnys ec y Chiarn ayndoosyn ta goaill aggle roish; as ta coyrt nyn dreishteil ayns e vyghin.

But the Lord's delight is in them that fear him: and put their trust in his mercy.


Cur moylley da'n Chiarn, O Yerusalem: cur moylley da dty Yee, O Sion;

Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem: praise thy God, O Sion.


Son t'eh er n'yannoo shickyr boltyn dty yiattyn: as er vannaghey dty chloan er cheu-sthie jeed.

For he hath made fast the bars of thy gates: and hath blessed thy children within thee.


T'eh jannoo shee ayns dty ardjyn: as dy dty yannoo magh lesh floor curnaght.

He maketh peace in thy borders: and filleth thee with the flour of wheat.


T'eh coyrt magh e harey er y thalloo: as ta e ghoo roie feer leah.

He sendeth forth his commandment upon earth: and his word runneth very swiftly.


T'eh tilgey sniaghtey myr ollan: as skeayley yn lheeah-rio myr leoie.

He giveth the snow like wool: and scattereth the hoar-frost like ashes.


T'eh ceau magh e rio ayns peeshyn mynney: quoi ta abyl dy hurranse y feayraght echey.

He casteth forth his ice like morsels: who is able to abide his frost?


T'eh coyrt magh e ghoo, as dy hennue ad: t'eh sheidey lesh e gheay, as ta ny ushtaghyn roie.

He sendeth out his word, and melteth them: he bloweth with his wind, and the waters flow.


Hoilshee eh e ghoo da Jacob: e lattyssyn as e oardaghyn da Israel.

He sheweth his word unto Jacob: his statutes and ordinances unto Israel.


Cha vel eh er ghellal myr shoh rish ashoon erbee elley chamoo t'ec ny ashoonee tushtey jeh e leighyn.

He hath not dealt so with any nation: neither have the heathen knowledge of his laws.