The Bible


Hrog mee seose my choraa gys y Chiarn: dy jarroo, gys y Chiarn ren mee my aghin.

I cried unto the Lord with my voice: yea, even unto the Lord did I make my supplication.


Gheayrt mee magh my accan kiongoyrt rish: as hoilshee mee da my heaghyn.

I poured out my complaints before him: and shewed him of my trouble.


Tra va my spyrryd ayns trimshey, va sooill ayd er my chassan: ayns y raad va mee shooyll t'ad dy follit er hoiaghey ribbey er my hon.

When my spirit was in heaviness thou knewest my path: in the way wherein I walked have they privily laid a snare for me.


Yeeagh mee myrgeddin er my laue yesh: as honnick mee nagh row fer erbee yinnagh goaill rhym.

I looked also upon my right hand: and saw there was no man that would know me.


Cha row ynnyd erbee aym dy chea huggey son sauchys: as cha row dooinney erbee ren scansh jeh my vioys.

I had no place to flee unto: and no man cared for my soul


Deïe mee hoods, O Hiarn, as dooyrt mee, Uss my hreishteil as my eiraght ayns cheer y sleih bio.

I cried unto thee, O Lord, and said: Thou art my hope, and my portion in the land of the living.


Cur geill da m'accan: son dy injil ta mee er duittym.

Consider my complaint: for I am brought very low.


O livrey mee veih my hranlaasee: son t'ad ro lajer er my hon.

O deliver me from my persecutors: for they are too strong for me.


Livrey m'annym ass pryssoon, dy voddym booise y choyrt da dt'Ennym: as shoh my ver oo dou, eisht nee deiney crauee taaghey my heshaght.

Bring my soul out of prison, that I may give thanks unto thy Name: which thing if thou wilt grant me, then shall the righteous resort unto my company.