The Bible


O moylley-jee yn Chiarn, cur-jee ard-voylley da Ennym y Chiarn: jean-jee eh y voylley, O shiuish shirveishee yn Chiarn;

O praise the Lord, laud ye the Name of the Lord: praise it, O ye servants of the Lord;


Shiuish ta shassoo ayns thie yn Chiarn: ayns cooyrtyn thie yn Jee ain.

Ye that stand in the house of the Lord: in the courts of the house of our God.


O moylley-jee yn Chiarn, son ta'n Chiarn graysoil: O trog-jee arraneyn-moyllee gys yn Ennym echey, son te eunyssagh.

O praise the Lord, for the Lord is gracious: O sing praises unto his Name, for it is lovely.


As cre'n-oyr? ta'n Chiarn er reih Jacob da-hene: as Israel son e eiraght hene.

For why? the Lord hath chosen Jacob unto himself: and Israel for his own possession.


Son ta fys aym dy vel y Chiarn mooar: as dy vel y Chiarn ainyn erskyn dy chooilley yee.

For I know that the Lord is great: and that our Lord is above all gods.


Cre-erbee s'gooidsave lesh y Chiarn, shen ren eh ayns niau, as er y thalloo: ayns yn aarkey, as ayns ooilley ny diunidyn mooarey.

Whatsoever the Lord pleased, that did he in heaven, and in earth: and in the sea, and in all deep places.


T'eh cur magh ny bodjallyn veih ardjyn sodjey magh y theihll: as cur magh ny tendreilyn-taarnee lesh y fliaghey, tayrn ny geayghyn magh ass e hashtaghyn.

He bringeth forth the clouds from the ends of the world: and sendeth forth lightnings with the rain, bringing the winds out of his treasures.


Woaill eh yn chied er ny ruggey ayns cheer Egypt: chammah dy gheiney as maase.

He smote the first-born of Egypt: both of man and beast.


T'eh er hoilshaghey cowraghyn as yindyssyn ayns y vean ayds, O heer Egypt: er Pharaoh as ooilley e vooinjer.

He hath sent tokens and wonders into the midst of thee, O thou land of Egypt: upon Pharaoh, and all his servants.


Woaill eh ymmodee ashoonyn: as stroie eh reeaghyn niartal;

He smote divers nations: and slew mighty kings;


Sihon ree ny Amoriteyn, as Og ree Vasan: as ooilley reeriaghtyn Chanaan;

Sehon king of the Amorites, and Og the king of Basan: and all the kingdoms of Canaan;


As hug eh yn cheer oc dy ve son eiraght: dy jarroo son eiraght da. Israel e phobble.

And gave their land to be an heritage: even an heritage unto Israel his people.


Ta dt'Ennym, O Hiarn, farraghtyn son dy bragh: as dty imraa myrgeddin, O Hiarn, veih sheeloghe gys sheeloghe.

Thy Name, O Lord, endureth for ever: so doth thy memorial, O Lord, from one generation to another.


Son gow-ee yn Chiarn cooilleeney son e phobble: as bee eh graysoil da e harvaantyn.

For the Lord will avenge his people: and be gracious unto his servants.


Er son jallooyn ny ashoonyn, cha vel ad agh argid as airh: obbyr laueyn deiney;

As for the images of the heathen, they are but silver and gold: the work of men's hands.


Ta beïll oc, as cha vel ad loayrt, ta sooillyn oc, agh cha vel ad fakin.

They have mouths, and speak not: eyes have they, but they see not.


Ta cleayshyn oc, agh cha vel ad clashtyn: chamoo ta veg yn ennal ayns nyn meeal.

They have ears, and yet they hear not: neither is there any breath in their mouths.


T'adsyn ta jannoo ad casley roo: as myr shen t'adsyn ooilley ta cur nyn dreishteil ayndoo.

They that make them are like unto them: and so are all they that put their trust in them.


Moylley-jee yn Chiarn, shiuish hie Israel: moylley-jee yn Chiarn, shiuish hie Aaron.

Praise the Lord, ye house of Israel: praise the Lord, ye house of Aaron.


Moylley-jee yn Chiarn, shiuish hie Levi: shiuish ta goaill aggle roish y Chiarn, bannee-jee yn Chiarn.

Praise the Lord, ye house of Levi: ye that fear the Lord, praise the Lord.


Bannit dy row yn Chiarn veih Sion: ta baghey ec Jerusalem.

Praised be the Lord out of Sion: who dwelleth at Jerusalem.