The Bible


O cur-jee booise da'n Chiarn, as eïe-jee er yn Ennym echey: insh-jee da'n pobble cre ny reddyn t'eh er n'yannoo.

O give thanks unto the Lord, and call upon his Name: tell the people what things he hath done.


O lhig da ny arraneyn eu 've jehsyn as moylley jee eh: as lhig da'n taggloo eu 've mychione ooilley e obbraghyn yindyssagh.

O let your songs be of him, and praise him: and let your talking be of all his wondrous works.


Gow-jee boggey ayns yn Ennym casherick echey: lhig da'n cree ocsyn 've gennal ta shirrey lurg y Chiarn.

Rejoice in his holy Name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord.


Shir-jee yn Chiarn as e niart: shir-jee e eddin er son dy bragh.

Seek the Lord and his strength: seek his face evermore.


Cooinee-jee er ny obbraghyn yindyssagh t'eh er n'yannoo: e virrillyn, as briwnyssyn e veeal.

Remember the marvellous works that he hath done: his wonders, and the judgements of his mouth,


O shiuish sluight Abraham e harvaant: shiuish chloan Yacob t'eh er reih.

O ye seed of Abraham his servant: ye children of Jacob his chosen.


Eshyn y Chiarn y Jee ain: ta e vriwnyssyn ayns ooilley'n seihll.

He is the Lord our God: his judgements are in all the world.


T'eh er ny ve kinjagh cooinaghtagh jeh e chonaant as e yialdinyn: ren eh da thousane dy heelogheyn.

He hath been alway mindful of his covenant and promise: that he made to a thousand generations;


Yn eer conaant ren eh rish Abraham: as y breearrey loo eh da Isaac;

Even the covenant that he made with Abraham: and the oath that he sware unto Isaac;


As shen doardee eh da Jacob son leigh: as da Israel son conaant dy bragh farraghtyn;

And appointed the same unto Jacob for a law: and to Israel for an everlasting testament;


Gra, Dhyts ver-ym thalloo Canaan: cronney nyn eiraght.

Saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan: the lot of your inheritance;


Tra nagh row ad foast agh beggan jea: as adsyn nyn yoarreeyn ayns y cheer;

When there were yet but a few of them: and they strangers in the land;


Tra v'ad scughey veih ashoon gys ashoon: veih un reeriaght gys pobble elley

What time as they went from one nation to another: from one kingdom to another people;


Cha lhig eh da dooinney erbee aggair yannoo daue: agh hug eh oghsan da eer reeaghyn er y ghraih oc.

He suffered no man to do them wrong: but reproved even kings for their sakes;


Ny benn-jee rish my Er-ooïlit: as ny jean-jee veg y skielley da my adeyryn.

Touch not mine anointed: and do my prophets no harm.


Marish shen, doardee eh genney er y cheer: as stroie eh yn slane beaghey dy arran.

Moreover, he called for a dearth upon the land: and destroyed all the provision of bread.


Agh hug eshyn dooinney rhymboo: dy jarroo Joseph, va er ny chreck son sharvaant ayns bondiaght;

But he had sent a man before them: even Joseph, who was sold to be a bond-servant;


E chassyn ren ad y lhottey lesh geulaghyn: hie guin y yiarn stiagh gys e chree;

Whose feet they hurt in the stocks: the iron entered into his soul;


Derrey haink y traa dy row e chooish er ny hoilshaghey: ren goo yn Chiarn eshyn y phrowal.

Until the time came that his cause was known: the word of the Lord tried him.


Hug y ree chaghter dy eaysley eh: hug prince y phobble e reamys da.

The king sent, and delivered him: the prince of the people let him go free.


Ren eh eh ny hiarn myrgeddin harrish e hie: as kiannoort harrish ooilley e rheam

He made him lord also of his house: and ruler of all his substance;


Dy oardail e phrinceyn lurg e aigney: as creenaght y ynsaghey da e ir-choyrlee.

That he might inform his princes after his will: and teach his senators wisdom.


Haink Israel myrgeddin gys Egypt: as ta Jacob ny yoarree ayns cheer Ham.

Israel also came into Egypt: and Jacob was a stranger in the land of Ham.


As vishee eh yn pobble echey dy yindyssagh: as ren eh ad ny s'troshey na nyn noidyn

And he increased his people exceedingly: and made them stronger than their enemies;


Ny creeaghyn ocsyn va myr shen er ny hyndaa, dy row dwoaie oc er e phobble: as hug ad drogh ghellal da e harvaantyn.

Whose heart turned so, that they hated his people: and dealt untruly with his servants.


Eisht hug eshyn Moses e harvaant: as Aaron v'eh er ny reih;

Then sent he Moses his servant: and Aaron whom he had chosen.


As hoilshee ad shoh e chowraghyn ny mast' oc: as yindyssyn ayns cheer Ham.

And these shewed his tokens among them: and wonders in the land of Ham.


Doardee eh dorraghys, as ve dorraghey: as cha row ad arrymagh da e ghoo.

He sent darkness, and it was dark: and they were not obedient unto his word.


Hyndaa eh ny ushtaghyn oc gys fuill: as stroie eh yn eeast oc.

He turned their waters into blood: and slew their fish.


Ren y cheer oc gymmyrkey magh froggyn: ayns eer shamyryn nyn reeaghyn.

Their land brought forth frogs: yea, even in their kings' chambers.


Loayr eh yn fockle, as haink dy chooilley cheint dy veishteigyn: as meeylyn ayns ooilley ny ardjyn oc.

He spake the word, and there came all manner of flies: and lice in all their quarters.


Hug eh daue claghyn-sniaghtee ayns ynnyd fliaghey: as lossaghyn aile ayns y cheer oc.

He gave them hail-stones for rain: and flames of fire in their land.


Woaill eh neesht ny biljyn-feeyney as ny biljyn-figgagh oc: as hug eh naardey ny biljyn v'ayns ny ardjyn oc.

He smote their vines also and fig trees: and destroyed the trees that were in their coasts.


Loayr eh yn fockle, as haink ny locustyn, as braddagyn erskyn-earroo: as d'ee a seose ooilley yn faiyr v'ayns y cheer oc, as stroie ad messyn y thallooin.

He spake the word, and the grasshoppers came, and caterpillars innumerable: and did eat up all the grass in their land, and devoured the fruit of their ground.


Varr eh ooilley yn chied er ny ruggey ayns nyn jeer: dy jarroo toshiaght ooilley nyn niart.

He smote all the first-born in their land: even the chief of all their strength.


Hug eh lesh ad magh myrgeddin lesh argid as airh: cha row un phersoon annoon mastey ny kynneeyn oc.

He brought them forth also with silver and gold: there was not one feeble person among their tribes.


Va Egypt lane dy voggey tra jimmee ad rhymboo: son v'ad ayns aggle roue.

Egypt was glad at their departing: for they were afraid of them.


Skeayl eh magh bodjal dy choodaghey ad: as aile dy chur soilshey daue 'syn oie.

He spread out a cloud to be a covering: and fire to give light in the night-season.


Ec nyn yearree hug eh lesh quaylyn: as lhieen eh ad lesh arran veih niau.

At their desire he brought quails: and he filled them with the bread of heaven.


Doshil eh yn chreg chloaie, as haink yn ushtey magh myr thooilley: myr shen dy roie awinyn ayns ynnydyn chyrmey.

He opened the rock of stone, and the waters flowed out: so that rivers ran in the dry places.


Son cre'n-oyr ? chooinee eh er e yialdyn casherick: as er Abraham e harvaant.

For why? he remembered his holy promise: and Abraham his servant.


As hug eh lesh magh e phobble lesh boggey: as e chloan reiht lesh gennallys;

And he brought forth his people with joy: and his chosen with gladness;


As hug eh daue thalloo ny ashoonyn: as ghow ad laboraght y phobble son eiraght.

And gave them the lands of the heathen: and they took the labours of the people in possession;


Dy voddagh ad freayll e lattyssyn: as geill e choyrt da e leighyn.

That they might keep his statutes: and observe his laws.