The Bible


Hiarn Yee, dhyts ta bentyn dy ghoaill kerraghey: uss Yee, dhyts ta kerraghey bentyn, jean oo hene y hoilshaghey.

O Lord God, to whom vengeance belongeth: thou God, to whom vengeance belongeth, shew thyself.


Trog ort, uss Vriw y theihll: as jean ny mooaralee y chooilleeney lurg nyn doilchin.

Arise, thou Judge of the world: and reward the proud after their deserving.


Hiarn, caïd nee ny mee-chrauee: caïd nee yn vooinjer vee-chrauee boggyssagh?

Lord, how long shall the ungodly: how long shall the ungodly triumph?


Caïd nee ooilley ny drogh-yantee loayrt cha mooaralagh: as goaill orroo lheid y voggyssagh voyrnagh?

How long shall all wicked doers speak so disdainfully: and make such proud boasting?


T'ad bwoalley sheese dty phobble, O Hiarn: as jannoo tranlaase er dt'eiraght.

They smite down thy people, O Lord: and trouble thine heritage.


T'ad dunverys y ven-treoghe, as y joarree: as cur y lhiannoo gyn ayr dy baase.

They murder the widow and the stranger: and put the fatherless to death.


As foast t'ad gra, Cha n'aggle dooin, cha jean y Chiarn fakin: chamoo ver Jee Yacob geill da.

And yet they say, Tush, the Lord shall not see: neither shall the God of Jacob regard it.


Gow-jee tastey, shiuish vee-hushtee mastey'n pobble: O shiuish ommydanyn, cuin nee shiu toiggal?

Take heed, ye unwise among the people: O ye fools, when will ye understand?


Eshyn ren y chleaysh y hoiaghey, nagh jean eh clashtyn: ny eshyn ren y thooill, nagh jean eh fakin?

He that planted the ear, shall he not hear: or he that made the eye, shall he not see?


Ny eshyn ta cummal seose ny ashoonyn: she eshyn ta gynsaghey da dooinney tushtey, nagh jean eshyn kerraghey?

Or he that chasteneth the heathen: it is he that teacheth man knowledge, shall not he punish?


Ta fys ec y Chiarn er smooinaghtyn dooinney: nagh vel ad agh fardail.

The Lord knoweth the thoughts of man: that they are but vain.


Bannit yn dooinney t'ou dy smaghtaghey, O Hiarn: as dy ynsaghey ayns dty leigh;

Blessed is the man whom thou chastenest, O Lord: and teachest him in thy law;


Dy vod oo surranse y choyrt da ayns earish seaghyn, derrey vees yn ooig er ny chleiy son ny mee-chrauee.

That thou mayest give him patience in time of adversity: until the pit be digged up for the ungodly.


Son cha jean y Chiarn failleil e phobble: chamoo nee eh treigeil e eiraght;

For the Lord will not fail his people: neither will he forsake his inheritance;


Derrey hyndaa-ys cairys reesht gys briwnys: nee adsyn ooilley ta firrinagh ayns cree geiyrt er.

For judgement shall turn again into righteousness: and all such as are true in heart shall follow it.


Quoi nee girree seose mârym noi ny mee-chrauee: ny quoi hassys er my heu noi ny drogh-yantee?

Who will rise up with me against the wicked: or who will take my part against the evil-doers?


Mannagh beagh y Chiarn er chooney lhiam: cha row saase my chour nagh beagh m'annym er ny choyrt ny-host.

If the Lord had not helped me: it had not failed but my soul had been put to silence.


Agh tra dooyrt mee, Ta my chass er skyrraghtyn: ren dty vyghin's, O Hiarn, mish y chummal seose.

But when I said, My foot hath slipt: thy mercy, O Lord, held me up.


Ayns ymmodee ny smooinaghtyn trimshagh v'aym ayns my chree: ta dty gherjagh er ooraghey m'annym.

In the multitude of the sorrows that I had in my heart: thy comforts have refreshed my soul.


Bee veg ayds dy yannoo rish y stoyl-briwnys dy vee-chairys: ta cummey yn aggair myr y leigh?

Wilt thou have any thing to do with the judgement-seat of wickedness: which fashioneth mischief by law?


T'ad chaglym cooidjagh noi annym y dooinney cairagh: as deyrey gys baase yn uill neu-chyndagh.

They gather them together against the soul of the righteous: and condemn the innocent blood.


Agh yn Chiarn my chemmyrk: as my Yee niart my hreishteil.

But the Lord is my refuge: and my God is the strength of my confidence.


Cooilleenee eh orroosyn nyn olkys, as stroie-ee eh ad ayns y ghoanlys oc hene: dy jarroo, nee'n Chiarn yn Jee ain ad y stroie.

He shall recompense them their wickedness, and destroy them in their own malice: yea, the Lord our God shall destroy them.