The Bible


Hiarn, t'ou er jeet dy ve graysoil da dty heer: t'ou er hyndaa ersooyl cappeeys Yacob.

Lord, thou art become gracious unto thy land: thou hast turned again the captivity of Jacob.


T'ou er leih mee-chraueeaght dty phobble: as er choodaghey ooilley nyn beccaghyn.

Thou hast forgiven the offence of thy people: and covered all their sins.


T'ou er choyrt voïd ooilley dty yymmoose: as er hyndaa oo hene veih chiass dty chorree.

Thou hast taken away all thy displeasure: and turned thyself from thy wrathful indignation.


Chyndaa shin reesht, O Yee nyn Saualtagh: as lhig da dty chorree scuirr voïn.

Turn us then, O God our Saviour: and let thine anger cease from us.


Bee oo jymmoosagh rooin son dy bragh: as jean oo dty chorree y heeyney magh veih un sheeloghe gys sheeloghe elley?

Wilt thou be displeased at us for ever: and wilt thou stretch out thy wrath from one generation to another?


Nagh jean oo chyndaa reesht, as shinyn y vioghey: dy vod dty phobble boggey y ghoaill aynyd?

Wilt thou not turn again, and quicken us: that thy people may rejoice in thee?


Soilshee dooin dty vyghin, O Hiarn: as giall dooin dty haualtys.

Shew us thy mercy, O Lord: and grant us thy salvation.


Eaisht-ym cre jir y Chiarn my mychione's: son nee eh shee y loayrt rish e phobble, as rish e nooghyn, nagh jyndaa ad reesht gys ommijys.

I will hearken what the Lord God will say concerning me: for he shall speak peace unto his people, and to his saints, that they turn not again unto foolishness.


Son ta e haualtys er-gerrey dauesyn ta goaill aggle roish: dy vod gloyr tannaghtyn ayns y cheer ain.

For his salvation is nigh them that fear him: that glory may dwell in our land.


Ta myghin as firrinys er choyrt qualtys d'y cheilley: ta cairys as shee er phaagey yn derrey yeh yn jeh elley.

Mercy and truth are met together: righteousness and peace have kissed each other.


Nee firrinys blaaghey ass y thalloo: as ta cairys er yeeaghyn neose veih niau.

Truth shall flourish out of the earth: and righteousness hath looked down from heaven.


Dy jarroo, nee yn Chiarn kenjallys-ghraihagh y hoilshaghey: as ver y cheer ain magh e mess.

Yea, the Lord shall shew loving-kindness: and our land shall give her increase.


Nee cairys goll roishyn: as e immeeaght y leeideil er y raad.

Righteousness shall go before him: and shall direct his going in the way.