The Bible


Dhyts, O Yee, ta shin cur booise: dy jarroo dhyts ta shin cur booise.

Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks: yea, unto thee do we give thanks.


Ta dt'ennym myrgeddin cha faggys: as shen ta dt'obbraghyn yindyssagh dy hoilshaghey.

Thy Name also is so nigh: and that do thy wondrous works declare.


Tra hig chaglym-cooidjagh y phobble reesht ayns m'enish: nee'm briwnys cordail rish cairys.

In the appointed time, saith God: I shall judge according unto right.


Ta'n seihll annoon, as ooilley e cummaltee: mish ta gymmyrkey seose ny pillaryn eck.

The earth is weak, and all the inhabiters thereof: I bear up the pillars of it.


Dooyrt mee rish ny ommydanyn, Ny jean-jee cha keoi: as rish y vooinjer vee-chrauee, Ny soie-jee seose nyn eairk;

I said unto the fools, Deal not so madly: and to the ungodly, Set not up your horn.


Ny soie-jee seose nyn eairk dy ard; as ny loayr-jee lesh mwannal mooaralagh;

Set not up your horn on high: and speak not with a stiff neck.


Son cha vel stayd ard cheet veih'n niar, ny veih'n neear: ny foast veih'n jiass.

For exaltation cometh neither from the east, nor from the west: nor yet from the south.


As cre'n-oyr? she Jee yn briw: t'eh cur sheese fer, as soiaghey seose fer elley.

And why? God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.


Son ayns laue yn Chiarn ta cappan, as ta'n feeyn jiarg: te lane as seiyt, as t'eh deayrtey ass yn chooid cheddin.

For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine is red: it is full mixed, and he poureth out of the same.


Er son y drundin echey: nee ooilley mee-chrauee y theihll ad y iu, as y yiole ass.

As for the dregs thereof: all the ungodly of the earth shall drink them, and suck them out.


Agh loayr-yms jeh Jee Yacob: as nee'm eh y voylley son dy bragh.

But I will talk of the God of Jacob: and praise him for ever.


Ooilley eairkyn y vooinjer vee-chrauee myrgeddin neem's y vrishey: as bee niart y vooinjer chairagh er ny hoiaghey seose.

All the horns of the ungodly also will I break: and the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.