The Bible


Saue mee, O Yee: son ta ny ushtaghyn er jeet stiagh, dy jarroo gys m'annym.

Save me, O God: for the waters are come in, even unto my soul.


Ta mee cummit shickyr ayns y laagh dowin, raad nagh vel grunt erbee: ta mee er jeet ayns ushtaghyn dowiney, myr shen dy vel ny thooillaghyn roie harrym.

I stick fast in the deep mire, where no ground is: I am come into deep waters, so that the floods run over me.


Ta mee skee lesh geamagh ta my scoarnagh chirrym: ta my hoilshey dy m'ailleil son farkiaght choud er my Yee.

I am weary of crying; my throat is dry: my sight faileth me for waiting so long upon my God.


Adsyn ta dwoaie oc orrym gyn oyr, t'ad ny shlee na renaigyn my ching: adsyn ta my noidyn, as bailliu mish ta neu-chyndagh y stroie, t'ad niartal.

They that hate me without a cause are more than the hairs of my head: they that are mine enemies, and would destroy me guiltless, are mighty,


Deeck mee daue my reddyn nagh ren mee rieau y ghoaill: Yee, ta fys ayd er my ?nid, as cha vel m'oiljyn keillit vo?ds.

I paid them the things that I never took: God, thou knowest my simpleness, and my faults are not hid from thee.


Ny lhig dauesyn ta treishteil aynyds, O Hiarn Yee dy heshaghtyn-caggee, v'er nyn naaraghey son y chooish aym's: ny lhig dauesyn ta dy dty hirrey, v'er nyn goyrt mow my hrooid's, O Hiarn Yee dy Israel.

Let not them that trust in thee, O Lord God of hosts, be ashamed for my cause: let not those that seek thee be confounded through me, O Lord God of Israel.


As cre'n-oyr? er y choontey ayds ta mee er hurranse oghsan: ta nearey er choodaghey m'eddin.

And why? for thy sake have I suffered reproof: shame hath covered my face.


Ta mee myr dooinney joarree da my vraaraghyn: dy jarroo myr fer-quaagh da cloan my vayrey.

I am become a stranger unto my brethren: even an alien unto my mother's children.


Son ta'n ghraih jeean t'aym da dty hie dy jarroo er ghuinney mee gys y chree: as ta ny oghsanyn ocsyn hug scammylt dhyts, er duittym orrym's.

For the zeal of thine house hath even eaten me: and the rebukes of them that rebuked thee are fallen upon me.


Ren mee dobberan as smaghtaghey mee hene lesh trostey: as va shen er ny hyndaa gys my scammylt.

I wept, and chastened myself with fasting: and that was turned to my reproof.


Hug mee orrym aanrit-sack myrgeddin: as ren ad craidey moo'm.

I put on sackcloth also: and they jested upon me.


T'adsyn ta soie 'sy yiat loayrt m'oï: as ta'n vooinjer veshtal jannoo ronneeaght orrym.

They that sit in the gate speak against me: and the drunkards make songs upon me.


Agh, Hiarn, ta mee jannoo my phadjer hood's: ayns traa nee oo soiaghey jeh.

But, Lord, I make my prayer unto thee: in an acceptable time.


Clasht rhym, O Yee, ayns earroo dty vyghin: dy jarroo ayns firrinys dty haualtys.

Hear me, O God, in the multitude of thy mercy: even in the truth of thy salvation.


Gow mee ass y laagh, nagh jem fo: O lhig dou ve er my livrey vouesyn ta feoh oc orrym, as ass ny ushtaghyn dowin.

Take me out of the mire, that I sink not: O let me be delivered from them that hate me, and out of the deep waters


Ny lhig da ny thooillaghyn-ushtey mee y vaih, chamoo lhig da'n diunid mee y lhuggey seose: as ny lhig da'n ooig e beeal y yeigh orrym.

Let not the water-flood drown me, neither let the deep swallow me up: and let not the pit shut her mouth upon me.


Clasht rhym, O Hiarn, son ta dty chenjallys-ghraihagh gerjoilagh: chyndaa uss hyms cordail rish earroo dty vyghinyn,

Hear me, O Lord, for thy loving-kindness is comfortable: turn thee unto me according to the multitude of thy mercies.


As ny follee dt'eddin veih dty harvaant, son ta mee ayns seaghyn: O jean siyr, as eaisht rhym.

And hide not thy face from thy servant, for I am in trouble: O haste thee, and hear me.


Tayrn er-gerrey gys m'annym, as saue eh: O livrey mee, kyndagh rish my noidyn.

Draw nigh unto my soul, and save it: O deliver me, because of mine enemies.


T'ou uss er hoiggal m'oghsan, my nearey, as my vee-onnor: ta my noidyn ooilley ayns dty hilley.

Thou hast known my reproof, my shame, and my dishonour: mine adversaries are all in thy sight.


Ta dt' oghsan er vrishey my chree, ta mee lane dy hrimshey: yeeagh mee son fer ennagh dy ghoaill chymmey orrym, agh cha row dooinney erbee; chamoo hooar mee unnane erbee dy my gherjaghey.

Rebuke hath broken my heart; I am full of heaviness: I looked for some to have pity on me, but there was no man, neither found I any to comfort me.


Hug ad dou gall dy ee: as tra va mee paagh, hug ad dou vinegar dy iu.

They gave me gall to eat: and when I was thirsty they gave me vinegar to drink.


Lhig da'n voayrd oc ve er ny yannoo ny ribbey dy ghoaill ad-hene lesh: as lhig da ny reddyn lhisagh y ve son y foays oc, ve dauesyn oyr tuittym.

Let their table be made a snare to take themselves withal: and let the things that should have been for their wealth be unto them an occasion of falling.


Lhig da ny sooillyn oc ve er nyn gholley, nagh jean ad fakin: as jean uss dy kinjagh yn dreeym oc y chroymmey sheese.

Let their eyes be blinded, that they see not: and ever bow thou down their backs.


Deayrt magh dt'eulys orroo: as lhig dty yymmoose hrome ad y ghreimmey.

Pour out thine indignation upon them: and let thy wrathful displeasure take hold of them.


Lhig da'n ynnyd-vaghee oc ve follym faase: as gyn dooinney erbee dy chummal ayns ny cabbaneyn oc;

Let their habitation be void: and no man to dwell in their tents.


Son t'ad jannoo tranlaase ersyn t'ou er woalley: as ta'n taggloo oc kys oddys ad adsyn y heaghney t'ou uss er lhottey.

For they persecute him whom thou hast smitten: and they talk how they may vex them whom thou hast wounded.


Lhig daue tuittym veih un pheccah gys peccah elley: as gyn cheet stiagh gys dty ynrickys.

Let them fall from one wickedness to another: and not come into thy righteousness.


Bee ad er ny chrossey ass lioar ny bioee: as cha bee ad scruit mastey'n vooinjer chairagh.

Let them be wiped out of the book of the living: and not be written among the righteous.


Er my hon's, tra ta mee boght as ayns trimshey: nee dty chooney, O Yee, mish y hroggal seose.

As for me, when I am poor and in heaviness: thy help, O God, shall lift me up.


Nee'm ennym Yee y voylley lesh arrane: as ver-ym ard-voylley da lesh toyrtbooise.

I will praise the Name of God with a song: and magnify it with thanksgiving.


Nee shoh myrgeddin yn Chiarn y wooiys: ny share na dow lesh eairkyn as yngnyn.

This also shall please the Lord: better than a bullock that hath horns and hoofs.


Ver y vooinjer imlee tastey da shoh, as bee ad gennal: shir-jee lurg Jee, as bee'n annym eu bio.

The humble shall consider this, and be glad: seek ye after God, and your soul shall live.


Son ta'n Chiarn clashtyn ny boghtyn: as cha vel eh soiaghey beg jeh e phryssoonee.

For the Lord heareth the poor: and despiseth not his prisoners.


Lhig da niau as thalloo eh y voylley: yn faarkey as ooilley ny ta gleashaght ayn.

Let heaven and earth praise him: the sea, and all that moveth therein.


Son nee Jee Sion y hauail, as troggee eh ard-valjyn Yudah: dy vod deiney baghey ayns shen, as eh y ghoaill ayns nyn gummal.

For God will save Sion, and build the cities of Judah: that men may dwell there, and have it in possession.


Nee sluight e harvaantyn myrgeddin y ghoaill eh ayns eiraght: as adsyn ta graihagh er e ennym nee ad baghey ayn.

The posterity also of his servants shall inherit it: and they that love his Name shall dwell therein.