The Bible


Ta'n peccagh ommijagh er ghra ayns e chree: Cha vel Jee erbee ayn.

The foolish body hath said in his heart: There is no God.


T'adsyn er jeet dy ve feer vee-chrauee, as dwoaiagh ayns yn olkys oc: cha vel unnane erbee ta jannoo dy mie.

Corrupt are they, and become abominable in their wickedness: there is none that doeth good.


Yeeagh Jee neose veih niau er cloan gheiney: dy akin row veg jeu yinnagh toiggal, as shirrey lurg Jee.

God looked down from heaven upon the children of men: to see if there were any, that would understand, and seek after God.


Agh t'ad ooilley er gholl ass y raad, t'ad ooilley-cooidjagh er jeet dy ve feohdoil: cha vel unnane myrgeddin ta jannoo dy mie, cha vel eer unnane.

But they are all gone out of the way, they are altogether become abominable: there is also none that doeth good, no not one.


Nagh vel adsyn fegooish tushtey ta gobbraghey olkys: gee seose my phobble myr ee-agh ad arran? cha vel ad er n'eamagh er Jee.

Are not they without understanding, that work wickedness: eating up my people as if they would eat bread? they have not called upon God.


V'ad agglit raad nagh row oyr aggle: son ta Jee er vrishey ny craueyn echeysyn ren soiaghey ort; t'ou er choyrt ad gys nearey, son dy vel Jee er hoiaghey beg jeu.

They were afraid where no fear was: for God hath broken the bones of him that besieged thee; thou hast put them to confusion: because God hath despised them.


Oh, dy jinnagh Jee saualtys da Israel magh ass Sion: Oh, dy jinnagh y Chiarn e phobble y livrey magh ass cappeeys!

O that the salvation were given unto Israel out of Sion: O that the Lord would deliver his people out of captivity!


Eisht yinnagh Jacob boggey 'ghoaill: as veagh Israel feer yennal.

Then should Jacob rejoice: and Israel should be right glad.