The Bible


Ta'n Chiarn, dy jarroo yn Jee smoo niartal, er loayrt: as er choyrt eam da'n seihll veih irree seose ny greiney gys y gholl sheese echey.

The Lord, even the most mighty God, hath spoken: and called the world, from the rising up of the sun, unto the going down thereof.


Magh ass Sion ta Jee er hoilshaghey eh-hene: ayns aalid firrinagh.

Out of Sion hath God appeared: in perfect beauty.


Hig y Jee ain, as cha bee eh ny-host: hed aile roishyn nee toyrt mow, as bee dorrin niartal er ny ghoostey seose mygeayrt-y-mysh.

Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence: there shall be go before him a consuming fire, and a mighty tempest shall be stirred up round about him.


Nee eh geamagh er ny niaughyn veih'n yrjid: as er y theihll, dy vod eh briwnys e phobble.

He shall call the heaven from above: and the earth, that he may judge the people.


Chaggle-jee my nooghyn cooidjagh hym's: ad shen ta er n'yannoo conaant rhym lesh oural;

Gather my saints together unto me: those that have made a covenant with me with sacrifice.


As nee ny niaughyn fockley magh e chairys: son Jee hene yn Briw.

And the heaven shall declare his righteousness: for God is judge himself.


Clasht, O my phobble, as neem's loayrt: neem's mee hene feanish y ymmyrkey dt'oï, O Israel; son mish Jee, dy jarroo yn Jee ayds.

Hear, O my people, and I will speak: I myself will testify against thee, O Israel; for I am God, even thy God.


Cha der-yms oghsan dhyt son dty ourallyn, ny son dty hebballyn-losht: son nagh row ad kinjagh kiongoyrt rhym.

I will not reprove thee because of thy sacrifices: as for thy burnt-offerings, they are alway before me.


Cha jean-ym soiagh jeh dow erbee ass dty hie: ny goayr-yrryn ass dty woaillee.

I will take no bullock out of thine house: nor he-goat out of thy folds.


Son lhiam's ta ooilley maase ny keilley: as myrgeddin ta'n ollagh er thousane cronk.

For all the beasts of the forest are mine: and so are the cattle upon a thousand hills.


Shione dou ooilley ny eeanlee t'er ny sleityn: as ta maase feïe yn vagher ayns my hilley.

I know all the fowls upon the mountains: and the wild beasts of the field are in my sight.


My ta mee accryssagh, cha ninsh-ym dhyts: son ta'n slane seihll lhiam's, as ooilley ny t'ayn.

If I be hungry, I will not tell thee: for the whole world is mine, and all that is therein.


Vel oo smooinaghtyn dy nee-ym feill teirroo: as dy niu-ym fuill goair?

Thinkest thou that I will eat bulls' flesh: and drink the blood of goats?


Cheb yn oural dy hoyrt-booise gys Jee: as eeck dty vreearaghyn dasyn smoo Ard;

Offer unto God thanksgiving: and pay thy vows unto the most Highest.


As eïe orryms ayns traa dy heaghyn; myr shen neem's geaishtagh rhyt, as nee oo mish y voylley.

And call upon me in the time of trouble: so will I hear thee, and thou shalt praise me.


Agh rish ny mee-chrauee dooyrt Jee: Cre hon t'ou preacheil my leighyn, as goaill my chonaant ayns dty veeal;

But unto the ungodly saith God: Why dost thou preach my laws, and takest my covenant in thy mouth;


Fakin dy vel dwoaie ayd er lhiasaghey-bea: as t'ou er hilgey my ghoan cheu-dty-chooyloo.

Whereas thou hatest to be reformed: and hast cast my words behind thee?


Tra honnick oo maarliagh, va dt' aigney lesh: as t'ou er ghoaill ayrn mâroosyn ta brishey poosey.

When thou sawest a thief, thou consentedst unto him: and hast been partaker with the adulterers.


T'ou er choyrt reamys da dty veeal dy loayrt olkys: as lesh dty hengey t'ou er hoiaghey magh molteyraght.

Thou hast let thy mouth speak wickedness: and with thy tongue thou hast set forth deceit.


Hoie oo, as loayr oo noi dty vraar; dy jarroo, as t'ou er choyrt scammylt da mac dty vayrey.

Thou satest, and spakest against thy brother: yea, and hast slandered thine own mother's son.


Ny reddyn shoh t'ou er n'yannoo, as chumm mish my hengey; as heill oo dy olkyssagh dy row mish eer dty lheid hene: agh ver-yms oghsan dhyt, as soie-ym kiongoyrt rhyt ny reddyn t'ou er n'yannoo.

These things hast thou done, and I held my tongue, and thou thoughtest wickedly, that I am even such a one as thyself: but I will reprove thee, and set before thee the things that thou hast done.


O smooinee-jee er shoh, shiuish ta jarrood Jee: er-aggle dy raip-ym shiu ersooyl, as nagh bee unnane erbee dy livrey shiu.

O consider this, ye that forget God: lest I pluck you away, and there be none to deliver you.


Quoi-erbee ta chebbal dou booise as moylley, t'eh cur onnor dou: as dasyn, ta reill e ymmyrkey dy cair, soilshee-yms saualtys Yee.

Whoso offereth me thanks and praise, he honoureth me: and to him that ordereth his conversation right, will I shew the salvation of God.