The Bible


Jean m'y choadey, O Yee: son aynyd's ta mee er choyrt my hreishteil.

Preserve me, O God: for in thee have I put my trust.


O m'annym, t'ou er ghra rish y Chiarn: Uss my Yee, cha vel my chooid-seihlt, dy ve soyllit hood's.

O my soul, thou hast said unto the Lord: Thou art my God, I have no good like unto thee.


Ta ooilley my haitnys er ny nooghyn t'er y thalloo; as er nyn lheid as ta dy firrinagh crauee.

All my delight is upon the saints, that are in the earth: and upon such as excel in virtue.


Agh adsyn ta geiyrt er Jee elley: yiow seaghyn mooar.

But they that run after another god: shall have great trouble.


Nyn ourallyn-iu folley cha jean-yms y hebbal: chamoo nee'm imraa jeh'n ennym oc cheu-sthie jeh my veillyn.

Their drink-offerings of blood will I not offer: neither make mention of their names within my lips.


Yn Chiarn hene toghyr my eiraght, as my chappan: nee uss my chronney y yannoo mie.

The Lord himself is the portion of mine inheritance, and of my cup: thou shalt maintain my lot.


Ta my chronney er duittym ayns cheer aalin: dy feer, ta aym eiraght ooasle.

The lot is fallen unto me in a fair ground: yes, I have a goodly heritage.


Ver-yms booise da'n Chiarn son raaue y choyrt dou: ta my veeghyn neesht dy my choyrlaghey er imbagh ny hoie.

I will thank the Lord for giving me warning: my reins also chasten me in the night-season.


Ta mee er hoiaghey Jee kinjagh kiongoyrt rhym: son t'eh er my laue yesh, shen-y-fa cha jean-ym tuittym.

I have set God always before me: for he is on my right hand, therefore I shall not fall.


Shen-y-fa va my chree gennal as my ghloyr lane dy voggey: nee my challin myrgeddin goaill fee ayns treishteil.

Wherefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope.


Son cre'n-fa? cha vaag uss m'annym ayns stayd ny merriu: chamoo lhiggys oo da dt'er-casherick hene dy akin loauys.

For why? thou shalt not leave my soul in hell: neither shalt thou suffer thy holy one to see corruption.


Nee uss soilshaghey dou raad y vea; ayns dt'enish ta laanid dy voggey: as er dty laue yesh ta eunys er son dy bragh.

Thou shalt shew me the path of life; in thy presence is the fullness of joy: and at thy right hand there is pleasure for evermore.