The Bible


Nish, (ec kione feed bleïn, erreish da Solomon v'er hroggal thie'n Chiarn, as e hie hene)

And it came to pass at the end of twenty years, wherein Solomon had built the house of the Lord, and his own house,


Dy ren Solomon ny ard-valjyn shen y hroggal va Huram er livrey da reesht, as hug eh er cloan Israel dy chummal ayndoo.

That the cities which Huram had restored to Solomon, Solomon built them, and caused the children of Israel to dwell there.


As hie Solomon gys Hamath-zobah, as hooar eh yn varriaght er.

And Solomon went to Hamathzobah, and prevailed against it.


As hrog eh Tadmor 'syn aasagh, as ooilley ny ard-valjyn-stoyr, hrog eh ayns Hamath.

And he built Tadmor in the wilderness, and all the store cities, which he built in Hamath.


Myrgeddin hrog eh Beth-horon heose as Beth-horon wass, ard-valjyn lajer, lesh voallaghyn, giattyn, as boltyn:

Also he built Bethhoron the upper, and Bethhoron the nether, fenced cities, with walls, gates, and bars;


As Baalath, as ooilley ny ard-valjyn-stoyr v'ec Solomon, as ooilley ard-valjyn ny ainee, as ard-valjyn ny markee, as ooilley ny va Solomon aggindagh dy hroggal ayns Jerusalem, as ayns Lebanon, as trooid ooilley cheer e rheam.

And Baalath, and all the store cities that Solomon had, and all the chariot cities, and the cities of the horsemen, and all that Solomon desired to build in Jerusalem, and in Lebanon, and throughout all the land of his dominion.


Agh son ooilley yn pobble va faagit jeh ny Hittiteyn, as ny Amoriteyn, as ny Perizziteyn, as ny Hiviteyn, as ny Jebusiteyn nagh row jeh Israel;

As for all the people that were left of the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, which were not of Israel,


Agh jeh'n chloan ocsyn va faagit nyn yeï 'sy cheer, nagh row cloan Israel er stroie; ad shoh hug Solomon fo keesh, gys y traa t'ayn.

But of their children, who were left after them in the land, whom the children of Israel consumed not, them did Solomon make to pay tribute until this day.


Agh cha ren Solomon veg jeh cloan Israel y choyrt fo shirveish bondiaght: agh v'ad e gheiney-caggee, as e ard-chaptanyn, as captanyn e ainee, as e varkee.

But of the children of Israel did Solomon make no servants for his work; but they were men of war, and chief of his captains, and captains of his chariots and horsemen.


As v'ad shoh ny ard-offishearyn va harrish obbyr ree Solomon, eer daa cheead as jeih as da-eed, va reill harrish y pobble.

And these were the chief of king Solomon's officers, even two hundred and fifty, that bare rule over the people.


As hug Solomon lesh seose inneen Pharaoh, ass ard-valley Ghavid, gys y thie v'eh er hroggal jee; son dooyrt eh, Cha nhegin da'n ven aym's cummal ayns thie Ghavid ree Israel, er coontey casherickys yn ynnyd, raad ta arg y Chiarn er jeet.

And Solomon brought up the daughter of Pharaoh out of the city of David unto the house that he had built for her: for he said, My wife shall not dwell in the house of David king of Israel, because the places are holy, whereunto the ark of the Lord hath come.


Eisht heb Solomon ourallyn-losht da'n Chiarn, er altar y Chiarn, v'eh er hroggal roish y phorch:

Then Solomon offered burnt offerings unto the Lord on the altar of the Lord, which he had built before the porch,


Eer chebbal wheesh shen dagh laa, cordail rish sarey Voses, er ny dooneeyn, as er ny eaystyn-noa, as er ny ard feaillaghyn, three keayrtyn 'sy vleïn, eer ee feailley ny caisht, as er feailley ny shiaghtinyn, as er feailley ny cabbaneyn.

Even after a certain rate every day, offering according to the commandment of Moses, on the sabbaths, and on the new moons, and on the solemn feasts, three times in the year, even in the feast of unleavened bread, and in the feast of weeks, and in the feast of tabernacles.


As phoint eh, cordail rish oardagh e ayr David coorseyn ny saggyrtyn gys y chirveish oc, as ny Leviteyn gys nyn gurmyn, dy chur moylley as dy hirveish kiongoyrt rish ny saggyrtyn, myr va currym dagh laa cheet mygeayrt; ny arreyderyn neesht lurg nyn goorseyn, ec dagh giat; son myr shoh va David yn dooinney dy Yee er harey,

And he appointed, according to the order of David his father, the courses of the priests to their service, and the Levites to their charges, to praise and minister before the priests, as the duty of every day required: the porters also by their courses at every gate: for so had David the man of God commanded.


As va ny saggyrtyn as ny Leviteyn feer tastagh dy chooilleeney sarey'n ree, mychione cooish erbee, ny mychione ny tashtaghyn.

And they departed not from the commandment of the king unto the priests and Levites concerning any matter, or concerning the treasures.


Nish va ooilley'n stoo son obbyr Solomon kiarit ro-laue er-dyn laa hie undin thie'n Chiarn er hoiaghey, derrey va kione er yn obbyr; shoh myr va thie'n Chiarn er ny hroggal.

Now all the work of Solomon was prepared unto the day of the foundation of the house of the Lord, and until it was finished. So the house of the Lord was perfected.


Eisht hie Solomon gys Ezion-geber, as gys Eloth, rish oirr ny marrey ayns cheer Edom.

Then went Solomon to Eziongeber, and to Eloth, at the sea side in the land of Edom.


As hug Huram huggey liorish e harvaantyn lhongyn, as shoalteyryn schleioil; as hie ad marish marrinee Solomon gys Ophir, as hug ad lhieu veih shen kiare cheead as jeih talentyn as da-eed dy airh, er coontey ree Solomon.

And Huram sent him by the hands of his servants ships, and servants that had knowledge of the sea; and they went with the servants of Solomon to Ophir, and took thence four hundred and fifty talents of gold, and brought them to king Solomon.