The Bible


As va Solomon mac Ghavid er ny niartaghey ayns e reeriaght, as va'n Chiarn e Yee mârish, soiaghey seose eh dy ard ayns pooar as ooashley.

And Solomon the son of David was strengthened in his kingdom, and the Lord his God was with him, and magnified him exceedingly.


Eisht loayr Solomon rish ooilley Israel, rish captanyn ny thousaneyn as ny keeadyn as rish ny briwnyn, as rish dy chooilley chiannoort ayns Israel, ard-gheiney yn chenndeeaght.

Then Solomon spake unto all Israel, to the captains of thousands and of hundreds, and to the judges, and to every governor in all Israel, the chief of the fathers.


Myr shen hie Solomon as ooilley yn pobble marish seose gys yn ard-ynnyd va ec Gibeon, son ayns shen va cabbane-agglish Yee, va Moses sharvaant y Chiarn er n'yannoo 'syn aasagh.

So Solomon, and all the congregation with him, went to the high place that was at Gibeon; for there was the tabernacle of the congregation of God, which Moses the servant of the Lord had made in the wilderness.


Agh arg Yee va David er chur lesh eh seose veih Kirjath-jearim, gys y voayl va David er n'yannoo aarloo er e hon: son v'eh er hoiaghey seose cabbane er e hon ec Jerusalem.

But the ark of God had David brought up from Kirjathjearim to the place which David had prepared for it: for he had pitched a tent for it at Jerusalem.


Myrgeddin, yn altar prashey va Bezaleel mac Uri, mac Hur, er n'yannoo, hug eh eh kiongoyrt rish cabbane-agglish y Chiarn: as ren Solomon as y pobble taaghey huggey.

Moreover the brasen altar, that Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, had made, he put before the tabernacle of the Lord: and Solomon and the congregation sought unto it.


As hie Solomon seose gys shen gys yn altar prashey fenish y Chiarn, va ec y chabbane-agglish, as heb eh thousane oural-losht er.

And Solomon went up thither to the brasen altar before the Lord, which was at the tabernacle of the congregation, and offered a thousand burnt offerings upon it.


Syn oie cheddin hoilshee Jee eh-hene da Solomon, as dooyrt eh rish, Jean geearree cre nee'm er dty hon.

In that night did God appear unto Solomon, and said unto him, Ask what I shall give thee.


As dooyrt Solomon rish Jee, T'ou er hoilshaghey ard vyghin da David m'ayr, as er choyrt mish dy reill 'syn ynnyd echey.

And Solomon said unto God, Thou hast shewed great mercy unto David my father, and hast made me to reign in his stead.


Nish, O Hiarn Yee, lhig da dty yialdinys da David m'ayr ve er ny chooilleeney: son t'ou er n'yannoo mish my ree harrish pobble, myr joan ny hooirrey ayns earroo.

Now, O Lord God, let thy promise unto David my father be established: for thou hast made me king over a people like the dust of the earth in multitude.


Cur d'ou nish creenaght as tushtey, dy voddym goll magh as cheet stiagh roish y pobble shoh: son quoi oddys briwnys ad shoh dty phobble ta whilleen ayns earroo?

Give me now wisdom and knowledge, that I may go out and come in before this people: for who can judge this thy people, that is so great?


As dooyrt Jee rish Solomon, Er-yn-oyr dy row shoh ayns dty chree, as nagh vel oo er yeearree berchys, cooid, ny onnor, ny bioys dty noidyn, chamoo t'ou er yeearree bea veayn; agh er hirrey creenaght as tushtey er dty hon hene, dy vod oo briwnys my phobble, harrystoo ta mee er n'yannoo uss dty ree.

And God said to Solomon, Because this was in thine heart, and thou hast not asked riches, wealth, or honour, nor the life of thine enemies, neither yet hast asked long life; but hast asked wisdom and knowledge for thyself, that thou mayest judge my people, over whom I have made thee king:


Ta creenaght as tushtey giallit dhyt, as ver-ym dhyt berchys, as cooid, as onnor, lheid as nagh row ec veg jeh ny reeaghyn va royd, chamoo vees y lheid ec veg hig dty yeï.

Wisdom and knowledge is granted unto thee; and I will give thee riches, and wealth, and honour, such as none of the kings have had that have been before thee, neither shall there any after thee have the like.


Eisht haink Solomon gys Jerusalem veih e yurnah gys yn ard-ynnyd va ec Gibeon, raad va'n cabbane-agglish, as ren eh reill harrish Israel.

Then Solomon came from his journey to the high place that was at Gibeon to Jerusalem, from before the tabernacle of the congregation, and reigned over Israel.


As ren Solomon chaglym cooidjagh fainee as markee: as va echey thousane as kiare cheead fainagh, as daa housane jeig markiaght, ad shoh hoie eh ayns ny ard-valjyn fainee, as marish y ree ec Jerusalem.

And Solomon gathered chariots and horsemen: and he had a thousand and four hundred chariots, and twelve thousand horsemen, which he placed in the chariot cities, and with the king at Jerusalem.


As hug y ree er argid as airh ec Jerusalem dy ve cha palchey as claghyn, as ny biljyn-cedar dy ye myr ny biljyn-sycamore ta 'sy choan.

And the king made silver and gold at Jerusalem as plenteous as stones, and cedar trees made he as the sycomore trees that are in the vale for abundance.


As va ec Solomon cabbil veih Egypt as snaie lieen: ghow marchanyn y ree yn snaie ec lheid y phrice.

And Solomon had horses brought out of Egypt, and linen yarn: the king's merchants received the linen yarn at a price.


As haink ad seose, as hug ad lhieu veih Egypt fainagh, son shey cheead shekel dy argid, as cabbyl son shiaght-feed as jeih: as myr shoh hug ad lhieu cabbil son ooilley reeaghyn ny Hittiteyn, as son reeaghyn Syria, liorish nyn ghellal.

And they fetched up, and brought forth out of Egypt a chariot for six hundred shekels of silver, and an horse for an hundred and fifty: and so brought they out horses for all the kings of the Hittites, and for the kings of Syria, by their means.