The Bible


Myr shen tra va David shenn, as ymmodee laghyn er gholl harrish, ren eh Solomon e vac ny ree harrish Israel.

So when David was old and full of days, he made Solomon his son king over Israel.


As haggil eh cooidjagh ooilley princeyn Israel, marish ny saggyrtyn as ny Leviteyn.

And he gathered together all the princes of Israel, with the priests and the Levites.


Nish va coontey ny Leviteyn er ny ghoaill veih jeih bleeaney as feed as er e skyn: as va'n earroo oc, dooinney as dooinney, hoght thousaneyn jeig as feed.

Now the Levites were numbered from the age of thirty years and upward: and their number by their polls, man by man, was thirty and eight thousand.


Jeu va kiare thousaneyn as feed nyn oaseiryn dy choyrt obbyr thie Yee er e hoshiaght, as va shey thousaneyn son offishearyn as briwnyn:

Of which, twenty and four thousand were to set forward the work of the house of the Lord; and six thousand were officers and judges:


Maroo shoh va kiare thousaneyn son gard er ny giattyn: as va kiare thousaneyn dy choyrt moylley da'n Chiarn lesh ny greinyn-kiaullee ren mish y yannoo, dooyrt David, dy choyrt moylley lhieu.

Moreover four thousand were porters; and four thousand praised the Lord with the instruments which I made, said David, to praise therewith.


As rheynn David ad ayns sheshaghtyn mastey mec Levi, ta shen, Gershom, Kohath, as Merari.

And David divided them into courses among the sons of Levi, namely, Gershon, Kohath, and Merari.


Jeh ny Gershoniteyn va Laadan, as Shimei

Of the Gershonites were, Laadan, and Shimei.


Mec Laadan; yn ard-er, Jehiel, as Zetham, as Joel, three.

The sons of Laadan; the chief was Jehiel, and Zetham, and Joel, three.


Mec Shimei, Shelomith, as Haziel, as Haran, three. Ad shoh va ard-gheiney ayraghyn Laadan.

The sons of Shimei; Shelomith, and Haziel, and Haran, three. These were the chief of the fathers of Laadan.


As mec Shimei; Jahath, Zina, as Jeush, as Beriah. Va ny kiare shoh me Shimei.

And the sons of Shimei were, Jahath, Zina, and Jeush, and Beriah. These four were the sons of Shimei.


As Jahath va'n chied-er, as Zizah yn nah-er: agh cha row mooarane mec ec Jeush as Beriah; shen-y-fa v'ad 'syn un choontey ayns thie nyn ayrey.

And Jahath was the chief, and Zizah the second: but Jeush and Beriah had not many sons; therefore they were in one reckoning, according to their father's house.


Mec Kohath; Amram, Izhar, Hebron, as Uzziel, kiare.

The sons of Kohath; Amram, Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel, four.


Mec Amram: Aaron as Moses: as va Aaron soit er-lheh, dy hirveish ayns yn ynnyd smoo casherick, eh-hene as e vec dy kinjagh, dy hebbal incense kiongoyrt rish y Chiarn, dy yannoo shirveish da, as dy vannaghey ayns e ennym son dy bragh.

The sons of Amram; Aaron and Moses: and Aaron was separated, that he should sanctify the most holy things, he and his sons for ever, to burn incense before the Lord, to minister unto him, and to bless in his name for ever.


Nish son Moses yn dooinney dy Yee, va ny mec echeysyn er nyn goontey ayns tribe Levi.

Now concerning Moses the man of God, his sons were named of the tribe of Levi.


Mec Voses va, Gershom as Eliezer.

The sons of Moses were, Gershom, and Eliezer.


Jeh mec Ghershom, Shebuel va'n ard-er.

Of the sons of Gershom, Shebuel was the chief.


As mec Eliezer va, Rehabiah yn ard-er: as cha row veg arragh dy vec ec Eliezer: agh va ymmodee ec Rehabiah.

And the sons of Eliezer were, Rehabiah the chief. And Eliezer had none other sons; but the sons of Rehabiah were very many.


Jeh mec Izhar, Shelomith yn ard-er.

Of the sons of Izhar; Shelomith the chief.


Jeh mec Hebron, Jeriah yn chied-er Amariah yn nah-er, Jehaziel yn trass-er, as Jekameam yn chiarroo-er.

Of the sons of Hebron; Jeriah the first, Amariah the second, Jahaziel the third, and Jekameam the fourth.


Jeh mec Uzziel, Micah yn chied-er, as Jesiah yn nah-er.

Of the sons of Uzziel; Micah the first and Jesiah the second.


Mec Merari, Mahli as Mushi: mec Mahli, Eleazar as Kish:

The sons of Merari; Mahli, and Mushi. The sons of Mahli; Eleazar, and Kish.


As hooar Eleazar baase, as cha row mec echey agh inneenyn: as ren ny deiney mooinjerey oc, mec Kish, ad y phoosey.

And Eleazar died, and had no sons, but daughters: and their brethren the sons of Kish took them.


Mec Mushi, Mahli, as Eder, as Jeremoth, three.

The sons of Mushi; Mahli, and Eder, and Jeremoth, three.


Ad shoh va mec Levi rere thie nyn ayraghyn, eer ny ard-ayraghyn, myr va ny enmyn oc er ny ghoaill 'syn [nah] choontey mysh obbyr shirveish thie'n Chiarn, veih feed blein dy eash as seose er.

These were the sons of Levi after the house of their fathers; even the chief of the fathers, as they were counted by number of names by their polls, that did the work for the service of the house of the Lord, from the age of twenty years and upward.


Son dooyrt David, Ta'n Chiarn Jee Israel er choyrt fea da e phobble, dy vod ad cummal ayns Jerusalem dy kinjagh;

For David said, The Lord God of Israel hath given rest unto his people, that they may dwell in Jerusalem for ever:


As rish ny Leviteyn myrgeddin: cha bee eh orroo arragh dy ymmyrkey'n cabbane-agglish, ny veg jeh ny siyn son y chirveish echey.

And also unto the Levites; they shall no more carry the tabernacle, nor any vessels of it for the service thereof.


Son liorish oardys s'jerree Ghavid, va ny Leviteyn coontit veih feed blein dy eash as er e skyn:

For by the last words of David the Levites were numbered from twenty years old and above:


Er-yn-oyr dy row'n oik ocsyn dy hirveish fo mec Aaron, ayns obbyr thie'n Chiarn, ayns ny cooyrtyn, as ayns ny shamyryn, as ayns glenney ooilley ny reddyn casherick, as ayns obbyr shirveish thie Yee:

Because their office was to wait on the sons of Aaron for the service of the house of the Lord, in the courts, and in the chambers, and in the purifying of all holy things, and the work of the service of the house of God;


Chammah son yn arran casherick, as son y flooyr meein son oural-arran, keeakyn oorey, as berreenyn panney as cre-erbee ta aarlit ayn, as son dy chooilley horch dy howse as tummyd.

Both for the shewbread, and for the fine flour for meat offering, and for the unleavened cakes, and for that which is baked in the pan, and for that which is fried, and for all manner of measure and size;


As dy hassoo gagh moghrey dy choyrt booise as moylley da'n Chiarn, as gagh fastyr myrgeddin;

And to stand every morning to thank and praise the Lord, and likewise at even:


As dy ve ec chebbal ooilley ny ourallyn-losht gys y Chiarn er ny dooneeyn, er ny eaystyn-noa, as er ny laghyn feailley pointit, lurg nyn earroo, cordail rish yn order v'er ny harey daue dy kinjagh fenish y Chiarn

And to offer all burnt sacrifices unto the Lord in the sabbaths, in the new moons, and on the set feasts, by number, according to the order commanded unto them, continually before the Lord:


As dy reayll currym y chabbane agglish, eer currym yn ynnyd casherick, as currym mee Aaron nyn mraaraghyn, ayns shirveish thie'n Chiarn.

And that they should keep the charge of the tabernacle of the congregation, and the charge of the holy place, and the charge of the sons of Aaron their brethren, in the service of the house of the Lord.