The Bible


As reesht va corree'n Chiarn er ny vrasnaghey noi Israel, as son va [Satan] er chleayney David nyn'oï, gra, Immee, as gow earroo Israel as Yudah.

And again the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah.


Son va'n ree er ghra rish Joab captan e heshaght-chaggee, va marish, Immee nish trooid ooilley tribeyn Israel, veih Dan eer gys Beer-sheba, as gow-jee coontey'n pobble, dy vod fys ve aym cre ta'n earroo oc.

For the king said to Joab the captain of the host, which was with him, Go now through all the tribes of Israel, from Dan even to Beersheba, and number ye the people, that I may know the number of the people.


As dooyrt Joab rish y ree, Nish dy jean y Chiarn dty Yee bishaghey yn pobble, (cre-erbee t'ad ayns earroo,) keead filley, as dy vod sooillyn my hiarn y ree fakin eh: agh cre'n-fa ta my hiarn y ree goaill taitnys dy yannoo shoh?

And Joab said unto the king, Now the Lord thy God add unto the people, how many soever they be, an hundredfold, and that the eyes of my lord the king may see it: but why doth my lord the king delight in this thing?


Agh son shoh as ooilley, ghow goan y ree raad noi Joab, as noi captanyn y cheshaght-chaggee: as hie Joab as captanyn Y cheshaght magh veih fenish y ree, dy ghoaill earroo pobble Israel.

Notwithstanding the king's word prevailed against Joab, and against the captains of the host. And Joab and the captains of the host went out from the presence of the king, to number the people of Israel.


As hie ad harrish Jordan, as ren ad campal ayns Aroer, er cheu yesh yn ard-valley, ta lhie 'sy choan liorish awin Ghad, as er-gerrey da Jazer.

And they passed over Jordan, and pitched in Aroer, on the right side of the city that lieth in the midst of the river of Gad, and toward Jazer:


Eisht haink ad gys Gilead, as gys cheer Tahtim-hodshi; as haink ad gys Dan-jaan, as mygeayrt gys Zidon,

Then they came to Gilead, and to the land of Tahtimhodshi; and they came to Danjaan, and about to Zidon,


As haink ad gys cashtal lajer Tyre, as gys ooilley ard-valjyn ny Hiviteyn, as ny Canaaniteyn: as hie ad magh my-yiass jeh Judah, eer gys Beer-sheba.

And came to the strong hold of Tyre, and to all the cities of the Hivites, and of the Canaanites: and they went out to the south of Judah, even to Beersheba.


Myr shen tra v'ad er n'gholl trooid ooilley'n cheer, haink ad gys Jerusalem ec kione nuy meeaghyn as feed laa.

So when they had gone through all the land, they came to Jerusalem at the end of nine months and twenty days.


As livrey Joab stiagh slane coontey'n pobble da'n ree, as v'ayns Israel hoght cheead thousane dy gheiney caggee va tayrn y chliwe; as va deiney Yudah queig cheead thousane.

And Joab gave up the sum of the number of the people unto the king: and there were in Israel eight hundred thousand valiant men that drew the sword; and the men of Judah were five hundred thousand men.


As woaill cree David eh lurg da v'er n'ghoaill earroo'n pobble: as dooyrt David rish y Chiarn, Ta mee kyndagh jeh peccah trome liorish shen ta mee er n'yannoo: as nish, ta mee guee ort, O Hiarn, gow ersooyl loght dty harvaant; son s'mooar ta my pheccah.

And David's heart smote him after that he had numbered the people. And David said unto the Lord, I have sinned greatly in that I have done: and now, I beseech thee, O Lord, take away the iniquity of thy servant; for I have done very foolishly.


Son tra va David er e chosh 'sy voghrey, haink goo'n Chiarn gys y phadeyr Gad, fakyder Ghavid, gra,

For when David was up in the morning, the word of the Lord came unto the prophet Gad, David's seer, saying,


Immee as abbyr rish David, Myr shoh ta'n Chiarn gra, Ta mee coyrt dhyt three chebbyn; gow dty reih jeu, dooys dy cherraghey ort.

Go and say unto David, Thus saith the Lord, I offer thee three things; choose thee one of them, that I may do it unto thee.


Er shoh haink Gad gys David, as dinsh eh da, as dooyrt eh rish, Jig shiaght bleeaney dy ghortey hood ayns dty heer? ny jean oo roie er-chea three meeaghyn roish dty noidyn, choud as t'ad er dty eiyrt's? ny dy bee three laa jeh'n chramp ayns dty heer? Nish bee ec dty choyrle, as smooinee cre'n ansoor ver-ym lhiam huggeysyn t'er my choyrt er y chaghteraght.

So Gad came to David, and told him, and said unto him, Shall seven years of famine come unto thee in thy land? or wilt thou flee three months before thine enemies, while they pursue thee? or that there be three days' pestilence in thy land? now advise, and see what answer I shall return to him that sent me.


As dooyrt David rish Gad, Ta mee ayns chennid vooar: lhig dooin nish tuittym fo laue'n Chiarn, (son ta e vyghinyn mooar,) as ny lhig dou tuittym ayns laue dooinney.

And David said unto Gad, I am in a great strait: let us fall now into the hand of the Lord; for his mercies are great: and let me not fall into the hand of man.


Myr shen hug y Chiarn y chramp er Israel, veih'n voghrey eer gys y laa pointit: as hooar baase jeh'n pobble, veih Dan eer gys Beer-sheba, three-feed as jeih thousaneyn.

So the Lord sent a pestilence upon Israel from the morning even to the time appointed: and there died of the people from Dan even to Beersheba seventy thousand men.


As tra va'n ainle er heeyney magh e laue er Jerusalem dy stroie eh, ghow'n Chiarn chymmey jeh nyn stayd treih, as dooyrt eh rish yn ainle va stroie'n pobble, S'lioar eh, lhig sheese nish dty laue. As va ainle y Chiarn liorish laare-vooie Araunah yn Jebusite.

And when the angel stretched out his hand upon Jerusalem to destroy it, the Lord repented him of the evil, and said to the angel that destroyed the people, It is enough: stay now thine hand. And the angel of the Lord was by the threshingplace of Araunah the Jebusite.


As loayr David rish y Chiarn, tra honnick eh yn ainle va stroie y pobble, as dooyrt eh, Cur-my-ner, mish t'er n'yannoo peccah, as s'mooar ta my loght: agh ny kirree shoh, cre t'adsyn er n'yannoo? Lhig da dty laue, ta mee guee ort, ve moï's as noi thie m'ayrey.

And David spake unto the Lord when he saw the angel that smote the people, and said, Lo, I have sinned, and I have done wickedly: but these sheep, what have they done? let thine hand, I pray thee, be against me, and against my father's house.


As haink Gad er y laa shen gys David, as dooyrt eh rish, Immee seose, trog altar da'n Chiarn ayns laare-vooie Araunah yn Jebusite.

And Gad came that day to David, and said unto him, Go up, rear an altar unto the Lord in the threshingfloor of Araunah the Jebusite.


As hie David, cordail rish raa Ghad, seose, myr va'n Chiarn er harey.

And David, according to the saying of Gad, went up as the Lord commanded.


As yeeagh Araunah, as honnick eh yn ree, as e gheiney cheet ny whail: as hie Araunah magh, as chroym eh eh-hene kiongoyrt rish y ree, lesh e eddin gys y thalloo.

And Araunah looked, and saw the king and his servants coming on toward him: and Araunah went out, and bowed himself before the king on his face upon the ground.


As dooyrt Araunah, Cre t'er choyrt my hiarn y ree raad e harvaant? As dooyrt David, Dy chionnaghey yn laare-vooie void, dy hroggal altar gys y Chiarn, dy vod y plague v'er ny chastey veih'n pobble.

And Araunah said, Wherefore is my lord the king come to his servant? And David said, To buy the threshingfloor of thee, to build an altar unto the Lord, that the plague may be stayed from the people.


As dooyrt Araunah rish David, Lhig da my hiarn y ree goaill as chebbal lurg e aigney-mie hene: cur-my-ner, ta dew ayns shoh son oural-losht, as jeshaghtyn-bwoallee, as greinyn elley ny dew son fuygh.

And Araunah said unto David, Let my lord the king take and offer up what seemeth good unto him: behold, here be oxen for burnt sacrifice, and threshing instruments and other instruments of the oxen for wood.


Ooilley ny reddyn shoh, O ree, ta Araunah chebbal da'n ree: as dooyrt Araunah rish y ree, Dy jean y Chiarn dty Yee soiagh jeed.

All these things did Araunah, as a king, give unto the king. And Araunah said unto the king, The Lord thy God accept thee.


As dooyrt y ree rish Araunah, Cha jean shen mie; agh neem's son shickyrys kionnaghey void eh son ny sheeagh eh: chamoo nee'm ourallyn-losht y hebbal da'n Chiarn my Yee jeh shen nagh chost veg dou. Myr shoh chionnee David [Son shey cheead shekel dy airh.] yn laare-vooie: as chionnee eh ny dew son jeih shekelyn as da-eed dy argid.

And the king said unto Araunah, Nay; but I will surely buy it of thee at a price: neither will I offer burnt offerings unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing. So David bought the threshingfloor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver.


As hrog David ayns shen altar gys y Chiarn, as heb eh ourallyn-losht, as ourallyn-shee. Er shoh va'n Chiarn chymmoil da'n cheer, as va'n plague er ny chastey veih Israel.

And David built there an altar unto the Lord, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings. So the Lord was intreated for the land, and the plague was stayed from Israel.