The Bible


Nish hayrn ny Philistinee ooilley'n armee cooidjagh gys Aphek: as ren ny Israeliteyn campal liorish farrane ta ayns Jezreel.

Now the Philistines gathered together all their armies to Aphek: and the Israelites pitched by a fountain which is in Jezreel.


As hie chiarnyn ny Philistinee er nyn doshiaght lesh keeadyn as lesh thousaneyn: agh va David as e gheiney er cooyl yn armee marish Achish.

And the lords of the Philistines passed on by hundreds, and by thousands: but David and his men passed on in the rereward with Achish.


Eisht dooyrt princeyn ny Philistinee, Cre t'ec ny Hebrewnee shoh dy yannoo ny mast'ain? As dooyrt Achish rish princeyn ny Philistinee, Nagh nee shoh David sharvaant Saul ree Israel, ta er ve mârym ny laghyn shoh, eer bleeantyn, as cha vel mee er gheddyn foill erbee ayn, neayr's haink eh dy ve foym gys y laa shoh?

Then said the princes of the Philistines, What do these Hebrews here? And Achish said unto the princes of the Philistines, Is not this David, the servant of Saul the king of Israel, which hath been with me these days, or these years, and I have found no fault in him since he fell unto me unto this day?


As va princeyn ny Philistinee jymmoosagh by-chyndagh rish; as dooyrt princeyn ny Philistinee rish, Chyndaa ersooyl y dooinney shoh, dy vod eh goll reesht gys yn ynnyd t'ou er phointeil da, as ny lhig da goaill y magher mârin, er-aggle dy jyndaa eh orrin ayns y chaggey: son cre'n choardail oddys eh yannoo rish e vainshtyr, agh lesh king ny deiney shoh?

And the princes of the Philistines were wroth with him; and the princes of the Philistines said unto him, Make this fellow return, that he may go again to his place which thou hast appointed him, and let him not go down with us to battle, lest in the battle he be an adversary to us: for wherewith should he reconcile himself unto his master? should it not be with the heads of these men?


Nagh nee shoh'n David cheddin, my-e-chione ghow ad arrane ry-cheilley ayns daunsin, gra, Varr Saul e housaneyn, as David e yeih thousaneyn?

Is not this David, of whom they sang one to another in dances, saying, Saul slew his thousands, and David his ten thousands?


Eisht deïe Achish er David, as dooyrt eh rish, Son shickyrys, myr ta'n Chiarn bio, t'ou er ny ve ynrick, gymmyrkey oo-hene myr sidoor mie, goll magh as stiagh mârym 'sy chaggey; son cha vel mee er gheddyn foill erbee aynyd, er-dyn traa haink oo hym gys y laa shoh: ny-yeih, cha vel ny chiarnyn booiagh jeed.

Then Achish called David, and said unto him, Surely, as the Lord liveth, thou hast been upright, and thy going out and thy coming in with me in the host is good in my sight: for I have not found evil in thee since the day of thy coming unto me unto this day: nevertheless the lords favour thee not.


Shen-y-fa nish, chyndaa, as gow royd ayns shee, nagh jean oo chiarnyn ny Philistinee y vrasnaghey.

Wherefore now return, and go in peace, that thou displease not the lords of the Philistines.


As dooyrt David rish Achish, Agh cre ta mee er n'yannoo? as cre'n foill t'ou er gheddyn ayns dty harvaant, choud as va mee mayrt gys y laa shoh, nagh voddym ve treishtit dy chaggey noi noidyn my hiarn y ree?

And David said unto Achish, But what have I done? and what hast thou found in thy servant so long as I have been with thee unto this day, that I may not go fight against the enemies of my lord the king?


As dreggyr Achish as dooyrt eh rish David, Ta fys aym dy vel oo mie ayns my hilley, myr ainle Yee: ny-yeih, ta princeyn ny Philistinee er ghra, Cha jean mie da goll mârin gys y chaggey.

And Achish answered and said to David, I know that thou art good in my sight, as an angel of God: notwithstanding the princes of the Philistines have said, He shall not go up with us to the battle.


Shen-y-fa nish, irree traa mie moghrey, marish sharvaantyn dty vainshtyr ta mayrt: as cha leah's hee shiu soilshey'n laa, immee-jee rieau.

Wherefore now rise up early in the morning with thy master's servants that are come with thee: and as soon as ye be up early in the morning, and have light, depart.


Myr shen dirree David as e gheiney dy moghey dy gholl rhymboo, as dy hyndaa gys cheer ny Philistinee; as hie ny Philistinee seose gys Jezreel.

So David and his men rose up early to depart in the morning, to return into the land of the Philistines. And the Philistines went up to Jezreel.