The Bible


As dirree Joshua leah 'sy voghrey; as scugh ad veih Shittim, as haink ad gys Jordan, eshyn as ooilley cloan Israel, as ren ad campal ayns shen roish my jagh ad harrish.

And Joshua rose early in the morning; and they removed from Shittim, and came to Jordan, he and all the children of Israel, and lodged there before they passed over.


As haink eh gy-kione, lurg three laa, dy jagh ny ard leeideilee trooid y champ;

And it came to pass after three days, that the officers went through the host;


As hug ad currym er y pobble, gra, Cha leah as nee shiu fakin arg conaant yn Chiarn y Jee eu, as ny saggyrtyn ny Leviteyn gymmyrkey eh, eisht nee shiuish troggal, as goll geiyrt er.

And they commanded the people, saying, When ye see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God, and the priests the Levites bearing it, then ye shall remove from your place, and go after it.


Ny-yeih bee space daa housane cubit eddyr shiuish as yn arg: ny tar-jee er-gerrey da, dy vod shiu baght y ghoaill jeh'n raad ta shiu dy gholl: son cha vel shiu er gholl yn raad shoh roïe.

Yet there shall be a space between you and it, about two thousand cubits by measure: come not near unto it, that ye may know the way by which ye must go: for ye have not passed this way heretofore.


As dooyrt Joshua rish y pobble, Jean-jee shiu hene y chasherickey: son mairagh nee yn Chiarn mirrillyn ny-vud eu.

And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves: for to morrow the Lord will do wonders among you.


As loayr Joshua rish ny saggyrtyn, gra, Trog-jee seose arg y chonaant, as gow-jee shiuish harrish roish y pobble. As hrog ad arg y chonaant, as jimmee ad roish y pobble.

And Joshua spake unto the priests, saying, Take up the ark of the covenant, and pass over before the people. And they took up the ark of the covenant, and went before the people.


As dooyrt y Chiarn rish Joshua, Jiu nee'm toshiaght dy yannoo uss ooasle ayns shilley ooilley Israel, dy vod fys ve oc, myr va mee marish Moses, myr shen dy bee'm mayrt's.

And the Lord said unto Joshua, This day will I begin to magnify thee in the sight of all Israel, that they may know that, as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee.


As ver oo currym da ny saggyrtyn ta gymmyrkey arg y chonaant, as jir oo, Tra vees shiu er jeet gys oirr awin Yordan, nee shiu shassoo sthill ayns Jordan.

And thou shalt command the priests that bear the ark of the covenant, saying, When ye are come to the brink of the water of Jordan, ye shall stand still in Jordan.


As dooyrt Joshua rish cloan Israel, Tar-jee gys shoh, as eaisht-jee rish goan y Chiarn y Jee eu.

And Joshua said unto the children of Israel, Come hither, and hear the words of the Lord your God.


As dooyrt Joshua, Liorish shoh bee fys eu dy vel y Jee bio ny-vud eu, as dy jean eh son shickyrys geiyrt magh kiongoyrt riu ny Canaaniteyn, as ny Hittiteyn, as ny Hiviteyn, as ny Perizziteyn, as ny Girgashiteyn, as ny Amoriteyn, as ny Jebusiteyn.

And Joshua said, Hereby ye shall know that the living God is among you, and that he will without fail drive out from before you the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Hivites, and the Perizzites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Jebusites.


Jeeagh-jee, ta arg conaant Chiarn ooilley yn ooir goll rhymbiu gys Jordan.

Behold, the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth passeth over before you into Jordan.


Nish er-y-fa shen, gow-jee daa ghooinney jeig ass tribeyn Israel, dooinney ass dagh tribe.

Now therefore take you twelve men out of the tribes of Israel, out of every tribe a man.


As hig eh gy kione, cha leah's nee boyn-coshey ny saggyrtyn ta gymmyrkey arg y Chiarn, Chiarn ooilley'n seihll, shassoo ayns ushtaghyn Yordan, dy bee ushtaghyn Yordan er ny scarrey veih ny ushtaghyn t'er cheu heose; as nee ad shassoo myr voalley.

And it shall come to pass, as soon as the soles of the feet of the priests that bear the ark of the Lord, the Lord of all the earth, shall rest in the waters of Jordan, that the waters of Jordan shall be cut off from the waters that come down from above; and they shall stand upon an heap.


As haink eh gy-kione, tra va'n pobble er scughey veih ny cabbaneyn oc, dy gholl harrish Jordan, as ny saggyrtyn gymmyrkey arg y chonaant roish y pobble;

And it came to pass, when the people removed from their tents, to pass over Jordan, and the priests bearing the ark of the covenant before the people;


As myr v'adsyn va gymmyrkey yn arg er jeet gys Jordan, as dy goan va cassyn ny saggyrtyn va gymmyrkey yn arg er roshtyn gys oirr ny hawin, (son ta Jordan gatt harrish ooilley e vrooinyn slane imbagh ny fouyr),

And as they that bare the ark were come unto Jordan, and the feet of the priests that bare the ark were dipped in the brim of the water, (for Jordan overfloweth all his banks all the time of harvest,)


Dy ren ny ushtaghyn haink neose shassoo, as lhieeney back, tammylt mie veih ard valley Adam, ta er gerrey da Zaretan: as ren ny ushtaghyn va roie sheese lesh faarkey yn strah, dy jarroo yn faarkey sailjey, failleil, as chyrmaghey seose: as hie yn pobble harrish jeeragh er Jericho.

That the waters which came down from above stood and rose up upon an heap very far from the city Adam, that is beside Zaretan: and those that came down toward the sea of the plain, even the salt sea, failed, and were cut off: and the people passed over right against Jericho.


As ren ny saggyrtyn va gymmyrkey arg conaant y Chiarn shassoo shickyr er thalloo chirrym ayns mean Yordan, as ren ooilley ny Israeliteyn goll harrish er thalloo chirrym, derrey va'n slane pobble dy bollagh er gholl harrish Jordan.

And the priests that bare the ark of the covenant of the Lord stood firm on dry ground in the midst of Jordan, and all the Israelites passed over on dry ground, until all the people were passed clean over Jordan.