The Bible


As lurg shen, hie Moses as Aaron stiagh, as dooyrt ad rish Pharaoh, Shoh myr ta'n Chiarn Jee Israel gra, Lhig y raad da my phobble, dy vod ad feailley casherick y reayll, dooys 'syn aasagh.

And afterward Moses and Aaron went in, and told Pharaoh, Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, Let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness.


As dooyrt Pharaoh, Quoi'n Chiarn, dy vel mish dy choyrt biallys gys e choraa, dy lhiggey'n raad da Israel? cha nione dooys y Chiarn, chamoo lhig-yms y raad da Israel.

And Pharaoh said, Who is the Lord, that I should obey his voice to let Israel go? I know not the Lord, neither will I let Israel go.


As dooyrt adsyn, Ta Jee ny Hebrewnee er hoilshaghey eh hene dooinyn: lhig dooin goll, ta shin guee ort, jurnah three laa gys yn aasagh, dy hebbal oural gys y Chiarn y Jee ain; er aggle dy duit eh orrin lesh y chramp, ny lesh y chliwe.

And they said, The God of the Hebrews hath met with us: let us go, we pray thee, three days' journey into the desert, and sacrifice unto the Lord our God; lest he fall upon us with pestilence, or with the sword.


As dooyrt ree Egypt roo, Kys dy vel shiuish, Voses as Aaron, lhiettal y pobble veih nyn obbyr? reue shiu gys nyn obbyr.

And the king of Egypt said unto them, Wherefore do ye, Moses and Aaron, let the people from their works? get you unto your burdens.


As dooyrt Pharaoh, Cur-jee my-ner, ta'n pobble ymmodee 'sy cheer, as ta shiuish cur orroo lhiggey shaghey nyn obbyr.

And Pharaoh said, Behold, the people of the land now are many, and ye make them rest from their burdens.


As doardee Pharaoh er y laa cheddin ny oaseiryn va harrish y pobble, as adsyn va currym yn obbyr orroo, gra

And Pharaoh commanded the same day the taskmasters of the people, and their officers, saying,


Cha der shiu maghey shoh coonlagh da'n pobble, dy yannoo breekyn, myr bollagh shiu: lhig daue goll as coonlagh y gheddyn daue hene.

Ye shall no more give the people straw to make brick, as heretofore: let them go and gather straw for themselves.


As cha lhiggys shiu veg sheese jeh coontey ny breekyn, va kianlt orroo roïe dy yannoo; cha bee veg jeh lhiggit lhieu: son t'ad litcheragh; shen-y-fa t'ad geam, gra, Lhig dooin goll dy hebbal oural gys y Jee ain.

And the tale of the bricks, which they did make heretofore, ye shall lay upon them; ye shall not diminish ought thereof: for they be idle; therefore they cry, saying, Let us go and sacrifice to our God.


Lhig da ny smoo dy obbyr v'er ny choyrt er ny deiney, dy vod dy liooar ve oc dy yannoo: as ny lhig daue coyrt geill da goan fardalagh.

Let there more work be laid upon the men, that they may labour therein; and let them not regard vain words.


As hie ny oaseiryn va harrish y pobble, as adsyn va currym yn obbyr orroo, as loayr ad rish y pobble, gra, Shoh myr ta pharaoh gra, Cha der-ym coonlagh diu.

And the taskmasters of the people went out, and their officers, and they spake to the people, saying, Thus saith Pharaoh, I will not give you straw.


Immee-jee, as fow-jee coonlagh myr oddys shiu; ny-yeih cha bee veg jeh ny obbyr lhiggit sheese.

Go ye, get you straw where ye can find it: yet not ought of your work shall be diminished.


Shen-y-fa va'n pobble er nyn skeayley noon as noal trooid ooilley cheer Egypt, dy hymsaghey stubble ayns ynnyd coonlagh.

So the people were scattered abroad throughout all the land of Egypt to gather stubble instead of straw.


As ren ny mainshtyryn va harrystoo ad y ghreinaghey, gra, Cooilleen-jee nyn obbyr, nyn obbyr gagh-laa, myr tra va coonlagh er ny choyrt diu.

And the taskmasters hasted them, saying, Fulfil your works, your daily tasks, as when there was straw.


As va stiurtyn chloan Israel, va mainstyryn Pharaoh er hoiaghey harrystoo, er nyn mwoalley, as ve fenit jiu, Kys te nagh vel shiu er chooilleeney nyn obbyr ayns jannoo breekyn, chammah jea as jiu, myr bollagh shiu.

And the officers of the children of Israel, which Pharaoh's taskmasters had set over them, were beaten, and demanded, Wherefore have ye not fulfilled your task in making brick both yesterday and to day, as heretofore?


Eisht haink stiurtyn chloan Israel, as ren ad accan gys Pharaoh, gra, Cre'n-fa t'ou dellal myr shoh rish dty harvaantyn?

Then the officers of the children of Israel came and cried unto Pharaoh, saying, Wherefore dealest thou thus with thy servants?


Cha vel coonlagh er ny choyrt da dty harvaantyn, ny-yeih t'ad gra rooin, Jean-jee breekyn: as cur-my-ner, ta dty harvaantyn er nyn mwoalley, agh ta'n oill ayns dty phobble hene.

There is no straw given unto thy servants, and they say to us, Make brick: and, behold, thy servants are beaten; but the fault is in thine own people.


Agh dooyrt eshyn, Litcheryn, litcheryn shiu; shen-y-fa, ta shiu gra, Lhig dooin goll dy hebbal oural gys y Chiarn.

But he said, Ye are idle, ye are idle: therefore ye say, Let us go and do sacrifice to the Lord.


Reue shiu, er-y-fa shen, gys nyn obbyr: son cha vow shiu veg y choonlagh, ny yeih shegin diu tailley ny breekyn y choyrt stiagh.

Go therefore now, and work; for there shall no straw be given you, yet shall ye deliver the tale of bricks.


As honnick stiurtyn chloan Israel dy row ad ayns stayd treih, lurg da ve ra?t roo, Cha bee veg jeh coontey ny breekyn lhiggit sheese jeh nyn obbyr gagh-laa.

And the officers of the children of Israel did see that they were in evil case, after it was said, Ye shall not minish ought from your bricks of your daily task.


As hie ad quail Moses as Aaron, va farkiagh orroo, myr haink ad magh veih Pharaoh.

And they met Moses and Aaron, who stood in the way, as they came forth from Pharaoh:


As dooyrt ad roo, Dy jeeagh y Chiarn erriu, as dy jean eh briwnys; son dy vel shiu er chur orrin dy ve feohdoil ayns sooillyn Pharaoh, as ayns sooillyn e harvaantyn, as er choyrt chliwe ayns ny laueyn oc dy stroie shin.

And they said unto them, The Lord look upon you, and judge; because ye have made our savour to be abhorred in the eyes of Pharaoh, and in the eyes of his servants, to put a sword in their hand to slay us.


As hie Moses voue gys y Chiarn, as dooyrt eh, Hiarn, cre'n oyr dy vel oo er ghellal cha creoi roo shoh dty phobble? Cre'n-fa t'ou er m'y choyrt er y chaghteraght shoh?

And Moses returned unto the Lord, and said, Lord, wherefore hast thou so evil entreated this people? why is it that thou hast sent me?


Son er dyn traa haink mee gys Pharaoh, dy loayrt ayns yn ennym ayd's, t'eh er ghellal dy olk rish y pobble shoh; chamoo t'ou eddyr er livrey dty phobble.

For since I came to Pharaoh to speak in thy name, he hath done evil to this people; neither hast thou delivered thy people at all.